1. danckel's Avatar
    Hi, I have recently experienced drop outs in the heart rate when reviewing my runs (see picture). I am relatively sure that the heart rate did show up on the band during my run, but it then seems to have been lost during sync. Has anyone experienced similar problems?

    08-28-2015 11:32 AM
  2. mkg3's Avatar
    Often in all three recordings - workout, run and bicycle. Has happened couple of times in sleep monitoring too.

    Don't know how its bridging the gap or what causes it. Perhaps a looser strap and cannot read HR while moving around??? I tend to wear my Band on the loose side, allowing it to move up and down.
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    08-28-2015 06:55 PM
  3. DroidUser42's Avatar
    While the device may display the heart rate, I think it only records when it's "locked" (solid heart). I suspect the gaps are caused by becoming unlocked. I do know I'll see a gap like that in the full-day scale if I take my Band off for recharging.
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    08-28-2015 08:18 PM

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