1. Andrew Elliott's Avatar
    Hey cool people.

    Just would like a little input especially from band1 owners. I live FAR outside of the US and far away from any microsoft store. However i do have a surface pro 2 (which i love) and i am absolutely enthralled by the band 2. Im a bit of a gadget fan.

    So anyway a friend of mine lives in the USA and is heading this way first week of dec. I have asked him and he said he is happy to bring me one. Based on what i have read in these forums however i am just a little worried as it seems there are quite a few people posting about how certain sensors didnt work well and they had to go through 4 bands or so before they got a 'working' one.

    I was just wondering if a few people wouldn't mind chiming in on their experiences as if i do order one i wont really have the luxury of being able to take it back if anything isnt working. What is your experience of your band? Did it work out the box from day one? Did it take several attempts? Your comments would be helpful ;-)

    Thank you in advance
    10-16-2015 01:09 PM
  2. stevesu's Avatar
    I got a Band a couple months ago and it's fantastic and I have no issues (other than the scratches occurring on the screen... my fault, not theirs).
    I read the various suggestions to clean it periodically, keeping corrosion build up, etc. from occurring from sweat. So don't forget to do that.
    Other than that...I would suggest contacting the microsoftstore.com and seeing what they have to say. Is it supported from where you live? Is it a bigger gamble than other electronic purchases you would need to make (wondering if they too are supported and how well)? Is it possible your friend can mitigate the issue????? Meaning if your Band stopped functioning, you could send it to them and they could make the exchange, then send it back to you?
    Good luck
    10-16-2015 04:11 PM
  3. anon(8555314)'s Avatar
    Based on the discussion here, I don't believe that the issue for version 1 is the Band not working out of the box, but rather wearing out prematurely. I took mine to a MS store and got it replaced.

    If you are not close to a MS store, I would recommend that you get the Band 2. I believe it has an excellent chance of being more durable.
    10-16-2015 07:45 PM

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