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    I have tried Samsung Gear S for a few days. In my humble opinion, MS Band wins in all comparisons (comfort, battery life, Bluetooth connection, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, reliability, simplicity), except phone and Bluetooth music player. Unfortunately, when running with the Band I still have to carry my phone for emergency calls and music player.

    Overall, the Band is a very solid device, always (99.9%) doing was it is supposed to do. You appreciate it after trying something else.

    Gear S is a hit and miss device, there are often some smaller or larger issues: Bluetooth disconnected, GPS cannot lock, HRM doesn't work, battery is dead, poor! software, phone sync problems ... Phone calls/SMS are a huge PLUS for Gear S and they work very well (perhaps the best part of Gear S). You have to use the Gear charger a lot and it sucks!

    Compliments to Microsoft for a good product!

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    10-26-2015 06:32 PM
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    And you are limited to certain Samsung phone models for compatibility are you not?

    I'm not a fan of being forced to go all in with one company in order to use a product.
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    10-26-2015 09:36 PM
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    [And you are limited to certain Samsung phone models for compatibility are you not?]

    Yes, Gear S is limited to Samsung only. It's a flawed approach that never worked.

    As I am thinking about a smartwatch design: reliability and smart-simplicity are most important. Here are examples:

    1. Running
      • Band - all other functions disabled - great! because, for example, nobody needs to check the weather when running.
      • Gear S - all other functions enabled - bad! It leads to corrupted run records. Functions are activated by mistake.

    2. Watch Faces
      • Band - simple digital time with date, easy to read quickly in all conditions,
      • Gear S - there are pretty watch faces, but all graphics distract from reading time and date. Not enough contrast between font and background. There is no simple white-on-black digital watch face with date, notifications, and battery.

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    10-26-2015 10:13 PM
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    No doubt Microsoft Band is very awesome and have very amazing features.But I always like samsang Gear S Because it have many outstanding features.Thats why of my liking.
    10-27-2015 12:30 PM

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