1. Aswin Rajan's Avatar
    Hi there.. i'm based out of Bangalore.. and was looking at getting the MS Band 2..

    Mainly since WP is my primary mobile and i needed a smart watch (and fitness tracker) that would play nice with it.
    i know there are other bands from garmin , polar, fitbit etc that now support WP, but dont see any that i quite like.

    I did consider the band 1 but that looked too much prototype.. so didnt bother. Even the Band 2 has its rough edges and if i could wait i'd get the band 3 :P (find even the Gear Fit to be more polished - my roomie has one)..

    But i think i will bite the bullet and buy the band 2 :) - i currently use a Moto 360 and bought a one plus just so i can sync wid it.. but would be more useful if it synced with my primary device.) - mind you i absolutely love the 360.. but there was no droid that i really find myself buying anytime soon. (i just love my 930)

    since the Band 2 is not available in India.. i'll be getting this via a friend in the US.. Havent seen any black friday deals on this either, so was wondering should i wait .. or do i jut go ahead and order right away..

    Have checked the MS Store online, BestBuy and Amazon.
    if you've got any other recommendations please let me know.

    the other thing is it needs to get delivered by the 6th of Dec.

    I was thinking i'll wait till like 20-23rd Dec Max...
    11-19-2015 07:16 AM
  2. Aswin Rajan's Avatar
    n these are the links to the online stores i was looking at getting em frm.
    i've been a heavy amazon user.. and am hinging on that right now.

    Microsoft Band 2 Medium Black MU5-00002 - Best Buy
    Buy Microsoft Band: New Fitness Band - Microsoft Store
    11-19-2015 07:30 AM

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