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    Hi Folks

    I've had my Band 2 now for a few weeks and love it. Two days ago I left for vacation and today the band started acting up. Twice today the band just went off and would not come on. I had charged it this morning, so I was surprised at this. When it happened the first time, I touched it to the charger and it went immediately back on. It came up with a message that it had lost power and asked me to set the date, which was correct. Then I saw it had an 85% charge.

    OK, so weird things happen. A few hours later it happened again. Same situation, touched it to the charger and then it told me it lost power. Date was correct.

    Has anyone seen this before? As I am on vacation I really don't have time to wrestle with this, but I can tell you I am not a happy camper.

    Any help is appreciated

    11-21-2015 08:45 PM
  2. Steven McPherson's Avatar
    I have had the same issue. I was traveling last week. I charged my band before I left the house on Monday and by 10am Monday morning it was dead. Monday night I plugged it into the power cable and it told me that "the battery ran out..." but the power indicator very clearly says that the power is at 85%. I took it back to the MS store on Wednesday and they replaced it without much of a question. Band 2 ran fine through most of the weekend but I did notice it was running low on "juice" Sunday morning. I charged it back to 100% and all appeared normal until I got up this morning around 5am and went for a run. As soon as I hit the track I pressed the power button to put the Band 2 in running mode but got no response. Immediate reaction was "ughhh". When I got home I put the Band 2 on its charger for 1 hour and it appears to be running okay.

    I have been syncing with iOS device the last couple of weeks. I plan to switch back to Android to see if there is any difference. I've never had this issue until (albeit a month or so since the device was released) I started syncing with iOS.

    Is it possible that Band 2 and iOS don't play well together? Time will tell.

    11-23-2015 08:54 AM
  3. podsnap's Avatar
    Unfortunately, it would appear to be the same problem in this thread:

    If partiallypro is right, it would seem to be a hardware fault in the battery housing. He said that if he squeezed the battery housing and strap, the Band would turn on but then all it took was a slight touch for it to switch off.

    I hope that it isn't a design fault that cannot be overcome, it may just be a bad batch.

    The only consolation is that since it is under warranty, you'll be able to get it exchanged.
    11-23-2015 10:10 AM
  4. Steven McPherson's Avatar
    I hate to say it but I seem to have the same issue. If I "twist" the battery housing ever so slightly it would appear that the band 2 will, in fact, shut-off. This will require me to plug the band back into the wall charger before it will turn back on. Really odd since the "twisting" that I'm talking about wouldn't be anymore than normal pressure if you were using one-hand to readjust the band.

    Seems like it is a bit of a flaw as this is my second band.
    11-23-2015 01:29 PM
  5. Mauro Pallares's Avatar

    I have had this problem four times with my band.

    I can see that We are a lot of customers with this problem, and MS always answer the same "Contact with our support" and they replace the band if it is on warranty. But, What happens when the warranty runs out?

    I'm sure that Microsoft knows that the problems always are the same, the cables that connect the battery with the main device. In Fact*the belt has wires inside and I am sure that the use of "remove the band, put it to charge the battery, and put the band again," just breaking the connection cables are inside, especially those who use it daily.
    When MS will recognize this problem in the MS Band2 design? The real thing is if MS recognize it, could be their need to refund the money to the customers affected by it.
    I'm tyred, MS change me the band four times in half year !!!

    P.S: I found this post: http://forums.windowscentral.com/mic...ml#post3376826
    08-06-2016 03:51 AM

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