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    I'm really enjoying all the different tiles the band has to offer but I keep finding myself needing a few more slots. I feel like I'm using everything I currently have in place, and then I find a 3rd party app or two that I want to add. I'm also thinking [well, hoping] that Cortana integration will become available for other platforms at some point, which would mean another slot. I've been removing things that I hate to lose. For example, UV (prompting a side question: do I still get warnings and usage recording for UV without that tab?).

    I'm really hoping that a future firmware allows more tiles! I'm curious whether the current limitation is due to memory constraints, or whether that was done to keep the UI simple. I'd love to be able to fit a higher number of tiles, and as more 3rd party apps are introduced this problem will only become worse.

    The current limit feels rather restrictive to me, so here's my vote for allowing more.
    01-06-2016 02:43 AM

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