1. lerac's Avatar
    After using my watch since november it suddenly stopped charging. I was playing soccer running 5 kilometers and suddenly boom it turned of. I assumed battery must have run out what was very strange because I always manage the keep it running for a day at least. More-over I also charged it before playing soccer. I did not worry about it and connected my watch to charge and put my watch on my wrist the next morning assuming it was charged. Suddenly I noticed during the day not getting notifications. Meaning the watch was dead. The fool I am assuming the product must be ok and I probably did not connect it properly to charge I did not worry again.

    After a whole day without watch missing al kinds of important messages en phone calls, which was terrible since I was used getting notifications and leaving my phone behind I went home and immediately connected the watch to charge. Watch told me battery died, and I had to set up date and time. I immediately noticed my power button would not function trying to turn the watch on or off. Watch mode turning my wrist still seemed to be working. I left it charging for 2 hours but it kept being stuck at 0% battery and power button would still not work. I disconnected from power source and poof watch went dead again. Connected it again and got message again battery was dead. I tried in the few seconds I had to look at settings in watch to turn watch of in settings mode. It refused to turn off, just asked me if I am sure and after saying yes it returned to settings. I als noticed action button was ignored.

    This is the point I started worrying. I tried other USB chargers to no avail at all. After connecting and disconnecting it multiple times I thought maybe software glitch. Let me reset watch, which was not possible using the power and action button but luckily I could do it using the settings. It turned to down and started it reset process. However it got stuck at setting up with a blue dot blinking in bottom left corner. I got angry at this point and gave up and decide to leave it like this going to play soccer without my watch. Leaving with heavy frustration.

    On return the watch was still stuck in the same blinking mode as described. I thought I would probably be completely dead now. I took it off the charger and it went dead. I connected it again and to my surprise it booted up and did the reset process. This time the watch started with 100%. It vibrated again and power/action button suddenly started to work again. In my happiness I started to try syncing my watch to phone but it did not work. After unbanding the watch and rebanding it connected again but multple icons where missing like email, phone etc. Keep in mind all this time the watch was connected to power source. I decided to remove health app and reset watch again with succes leaving my to setup everything properly again. I assumed everything was working again and I was tired trying until late at night to get the watch working again.

    Next morning I disconnected the watch and it kept working to my happiness, until I got at work and noticed it died again "i need a very angry icon here". I went to search if I was only one with problem but it seemed there are many other people and Microsoft seems to know about the problem. But I am %4#d if you know what I mean since I live on a island and ordered mine on amazon.

    Thank you Microsoft for selling a defect product. I still gonna try to return it when I am in the US again. But of course i did not buy insurance package since I don't live in states. Last time I came with a surface rt where the kickstand was bend I got to hear no insurance though luck, you can't order parts either. After buying surface pro, surface rt, surface 2, Microsoft band 1 and now 2 you might think to would see the value in giving some kind of factory insurance. I think it is ridiculous to be sold a broken watch not being able to return it. It is not like I broke it.

    Perhaps there are more people here with this issue and suggest what I should do not living in US.
    03-07-2016 07:44 PM
  2. philxor's Avatar
    Yeah mine died yesterday and has the same exactly symptoms. I can't get it to turn at all anymore though. Going to the MS store tomorrow.
    03-07-2016 08:45 PM
  3. lerac's Avatar
    I just got it working again! Been busy for 4 days getting it to work again. Every time it would die on me. The metal plate where the clasp connects do was no longer there I noticed and remembered. I post of Microsoft forum within multiple posts triggered me. If you see the screws you know it's gone. Luckily i saved that part. Putting it back on fixed it for me. Now i want to permanently crazy glue it or put something else as like using invisible shield to cover the metal and screws to the charging pins won't touch the metal when putting on the band.. Microsoft obviously thought a piece of tape would hold it with all the sweat and heat. They used tape in order to remove it and reach whatever is underneath the clasp holder since I can see the screws. Also creating big problem the charging pins touching the metal causing a short out if it is no longer there or moved. I almost gave up. It seems a horrible design choice with bad quality build. For me problem fixed.

    Will keep you posted if it keeps on working. After 4 days including today when I went jogging failure putting back the metal that was there before. How In could Microsoft think a piece of tape would hold the crucial metal part to protect it from power surge.... It's a sport band you sweat and it get's lots of beating. Sigh.

    Now it is Microsoft turn to admit mistake. In these times Microsoft should embrace their customers. They can loose a lot more the just a watch user. I love the band and surface but support is terrible as always.Most of these people are early adaptors cherish them.
    03-07-2016 09:55 PM
  4. windcom's Avatar
    the same thing for me ..... :-(
    03-17-2016 01:49 PM

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