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    Hello everyone,

    Is there something going on with the heart rate (HR) monitor on the band during sleep cycles (manual or auto detection)? I am pretty happy with my MS Band 2 - Iíve owned it since late last year (I also owned the Band 1 for about a year before that).

    Over the past couple of weeks, however, Iím seeing weird/abnormal/different-from-before results in the sleep HR results: i.e. extreme swings and spikes in my HR during sleep cycle. The Dashboard on the Microsoft Health appears to show stable/reasonable results.


    1. Hereís a sleep session (night of 6/3/2016) from the Microsoft Health App on my phone (pix 101). Notice the spike to over 120 bpm at around 6am. Hereís the same sleep session on the Dashboard on the Microsoft Health website (pix 102). There's a mild HR spike just before I woke up but it's no where near 120bpm. Iíve seen similar weird disconnects of late (past 2/3 weeks). The sleep HR profile on the health dashboard looks more typical for me based on using the band for about 1.5 years.

    2. I took a screenshot of a particular sleep session (night of 4/21/2016) on my phone and sent to a co-worker back in April to demonstrate some of the features of the band (pix 103). It was a pretty stable and, for me, a fairly typical sleep HR profile. Hereís that same sleep session (4/21/2016) on the Dashboard on the Microsoft Health website (pix 104): pretty much the same as the previous picture. Now, hereís the same sleep session on the history of the phone app. Same session but extremely different profile (pix 105). There are more spikes!

    3. Similarly, Pix 6 and Pix 7 shows sleep cycles last night (6/12/2016) from web dashboard and phone app respectively. Phone app shows a sharp spike to around 75 bpm at about 3 am but that same spike isnít seen on the web dashboard. There are many more examples like these of late but I think Iíve made the point.... :-)

    Anybody else experiencing this? Why are sleep HR sessions all of a sudden way more volatile? Recent software updates? Scale of the graphs? New HR algorithm for the 2 mins on vs. 8 mins off per 10mins during sleep cycle?

    I almost scheduled an appointment to go see a doctor because I thought I was having heart issues. LOL! Thank heavens I had a screen grab of the sleep session on the night of 4/21 to compare as a baseline. This started after recent band software updates. Any ideas/thoughts/description of similar experiences will be appreciated!

    ~ Sean
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