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  1. Tiemen_S's Avatar
    Hello there folks!

    I've been wondering for a couple of days: wouldn't it be great if Continuum for phones (with the dock and all) would be a communication standard? If so, then developers could write software for existing hardware to do essentially what the Continuum Dock from Microsoft does. The official set-up would be:
    -Phone supporting Continuum
    -Continuum Dock
    -Screen and desktop periphals

    However, that requires a 100 investment, whilst a lot of us enthousiast may or will have micro-computers available already. Take the Raspberry Pi (2). It has lots of means of communication and has all the input and output slots you need (and more)! I really like the idea of continuum, but as it is I think it won't be for everyone. With such support, wouldn't it be a lot better?

    Of course, frame rates or screen resolutions could differ, but hey, it opens up a market to choose from :).

    Does anyone know if this is on the roadmap already? Could Windows IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi (2) get support for this?

    I've taken the liberty to start a UserVoice idea for this, if you like this: please vote!
    10-29-2015 08:15 AM

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