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    Did a hard reset last night to see if it helps any on my 950XL. Some small improvements, but I fear those issue will return once the phone gets back to normal. Cortana is being such a hassle, that Ive stopped using it. Still crashing/freezing/not responding constantly. Unusable. Unreliable. These are some more things I've encountered.

    My Continuum Day1 is in the 950XL forum if anyone is interested. Thought I'd post here since this is more dedicated to Continuum.

    13) If you open an app on the phone itself, then decide you want to open it on the secondary display, theres no easy way to just grab the app and push/pull/flick it over to the secondary display like Tony Stark does. But its a start. Instead, you have to open it several times from the secondary display before itll open on the secondary display. Same in reverse.

    14) The Netflix app does not work in Continuum. So I used MS Edge to watch Netflix on the secondary display. Seems to work fine. When I try to watch Netflix in Edge mobile on the phone itself, the videos do not play. I think its Edge mobile incompatibility while used on the phone itself. Works fine in Continuum secondary display.

    15) But why dont I use the Netflix app on the phone itself and use Edge on the secondary screen to browse the web? Good question. I tried. When the Netflix app plays a video while running on the phone itself, the phone and secondary display flickers, like its spanning across both screens. For some reason, Netflix app video playback will crash back to the video selection screen if I mouse click on anything on the secondary display.

    16) Groove seems to be working better while using Edge on secondary display. Not crashing as much. But still often when using Edge on secondary screen

    17) Secondary screen has a taskbar, but you cannot right-click to kill the tasks. Need to use Task View. Then X them out.

    18) Your keyboard can control media playback. Ive only tried in Groove You can use it to control Groove while its playing. These work: Play/Pause, Stop, Previous/Next, Mute. I do not really use any other media player app, so not sure if they will work in other media apps. Perhaps someone can try. The Windows key also work to bring up the Start Menu.

    19) With a secondary display connected, you have an extra option under in Settings > Start for Secondary screen wallpaper selection. Default wallpaper is the Windows 10 smoke and laser blue wallpaper. You can select your wallpaper for the secondary screen, and if the screen size is large enough, itll let you adjust the wallpaper crop size. It also has options for FILL, FIT, STRETCH, CENTER.

    20) lower right corner of secondary display has a symbol with what looks like a keyboard with a lock. You click to lock/unlock, but no idea what it does yet. The keyboard functions still work like normal as far as I know.
    03-02-2016 11:05 PM

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