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    i GUESS microsoft created cortana over 1 year to 2 years, cause making a voice assistant wasn't a easy take, some user will say "please ...", "can you ..", "...., please?" etc. , the problem is getting the main point of the user talk about, like "please help me to find some info about windows?", "can you find info about windows?","cortana, find info about windows, please?" , the point of those are "find","info","windows", so it will pop up windows's info from wikipedia.
    And it is still beta, microsoft doesn't want to ruin the user experience, so it publish cortana for US only.

    Why it publish beta for US only not all country?
    here are my thoughts:
    1. feedback only send to local microsoft office, and the microsoft's headquarter can't receive feedback from it, microsoft's headquarter receive only US feedback.
    2. receiving other country feedback might be a pain because they need to translate them and send to the solution

    microsoft's strategy is to make user's first experience to be wowed. user's first experience are important, if it is good, they will keep using it, if it is bad, user will not use it forever. microsoft are trying their best to give every single user has the best experience, so that the user will tell their friends, family and other, share their thoughts, and more.

    does it mean microsoft don't care about US user's first experience?
    no, it looks like part of US user MIGHT NOT worry about if cortana is good or not, it just hope to get it soon, and some user will feedback to microsoft about it, to help cortana getting better, letting cortana a better voice assistant.

    microsoft want cortana to be the best voice assistant of all phone OS of them all, so making cortana AI logic would be harder than other, it need to know what the user talk about, and learn how to decode it to get their point, but sometimes it just different, look at the table below
    User say: point: what to do and how
    cortana, can you find info about microsoft, please? "find", "info", "microsoft" search, get info from wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft
    cortana, can we clone a human? "can we clone human" search "can we clone human"
    wikipedia Bill Gate "wikipedia", "Bill Gate" get info from wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Gate
    how to please a woman to date with me? "how to please a woman to date with me" search "how to please a woman to date with me"
    what is the answer of 19 - 23 + 13 "19 - 23 + 13" do maths with the following equeation
    is 9 the answer of 19 - 23 + 13 "9","the answer", "19 - 23 + 13" do maths with the following equeation, then check if the answer are 9, return yes if true, no + answer if false
    idk if the last one allowed to... but look at the first and second, the first one ignored "can", while the second does not, each sentence has different point. Look at the first one and third one, the first one doesn't need to say wikipedia, but both will wikipedia it, at the first sentence, "info" will become wikipedia. so computer AI ain't like us, we understand logic, while computer AI are hardly coded, the longer of the code that it run, the more lag it get. it was hard to get a perfect AI and less lag, so it take time to create cortana.
    04-05-2014 07:01 AM
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    Cortana appears
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    04-05-2014 07:28 AM
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    Cortana appears
    and it is beta...
    04-05-2014 09:32 AM

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