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    In the last two days with Cortana, I was more like playing it around, but when it comes to actual use, I find many issues with her.
    Cortana needs more interactions with the system before those fancy looking features.
    Can't search an app in Store
    Can't cancel appointments
    Can't read emails
    Can't sent emails

    When I say I'm hungry, she should find restaurants nearby, or opening map when I say I'm lost. Also, she can't understand/do things like, set the brightness to high, turn on driving mode, take a picture, or, what time it is in London. Cortana should be more like a adviser than a robot only do what I am asking for. Instead of a stiff command, she should understand verbal sentences like a real assistant does. Am I expecting too much?

    I'm found a few bugs during two days of Cortana, personally, Alarm does not work with Cotana on my phone, No chit-chat feature, can't change people under a name, I said " call my mom", and I selected the wrong people, when I go back I found that there's no way to change it, now every time I want to call my mom I have to say "call my mother"

    However, she does have some good work, When I say " I wanna eat pizza", she shows me 10 pizza places, " Where am I", she shows my exact location, " What should I dress for tomorrow", she pulls the weather forecast. I was also very impressed by the accuracy of voice recognition as a non-native English speaker, she does figuring out what I'm talking to her.

    Cortana is still my favorite voice assistant compare to Siri(Poor voice recognition) and Google Now (Almost no local interaction), hope Windows Phone Team can work humanization and local interaction.

    Keep up the the great work ;)
    04-16-2014 01:49 PM

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