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    Just, about two days ago I got this idea of making an event in my calendar with Cortana. The event which I simply called "work" because it was my work schedule. After setting everything up I could just ask Cortana "Do I have work for tomorrow?" or "When do I have work?" But you can do even more than that. I had also made an event for my birthday. And I simply asked Cortana "When is my birthday?" You could this which pretty much anything that comes to your mind. Like asking if you have to go the debris today (assuming that you also made an event for it in your calendar).

    Hope that this was somewhat of a tip for some that didn't know this.

    I was so surprised at how well this work that I showed my brother (he has an Android LG L9). And he's was like past mu phone can do that and yeah you know what happened. It didn't or at least not like Cortana. With Google Now you would have to remember the date and ask if you have any event or appointment for that date. Not, trying to make a war zone of Android and WP just saying what happened :)
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    04-28-2014 10:54 PM
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    Just the facts.
    04-29-2014 02:07 AM

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