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    Here's a simple, yet AWESOME feature suggestion that I think all you Windows Phone Fans would LOVE! Suppose Cortana had the ability to
    Trigger People Reminders by "Recognizing" the Target Persons Device?!?

    Cool RIGHT!

    Ok so you walk into the store and bump into one of your best buds Billy. "Beep, beep' Hmmmm. That's Cortana's Reminder alert. Better check it out. You take a gander at your windows phone and conveniently displayed on the screen is, "Invite Billy to your dad's retirement party." (You previously set this reminder of course to extend this invitation next time you talked to Billy)!

    Thanks for the reminder Cortana!

    So how does the magic work? Well, simple we just extend the People-Based Reminder beyond "on device perception" of the target person(s) (emails, text messages and phone calls) and extend it to off device perception of the person by perceiving their "proximity" by recognizing their devices! In the above scenario if you got a call, text or email before you actually saw Billy in person the Person-Based Reminder would have been triggered in one of those established and familiar way's. But since you saw him first, BANG, Cortana reminded you based on recognizing him based on recognizing his device.
    It's doable! Read details below and VOTE FOR THIS at cortana.uservoice.com
    Trigger People Reminders by "Recognizing" the Target Persons Device – Cortana Feedback

    Please add the ability for Cortana (windows phone) to trigger a person based reminder by being in close proximity to that person utilizing BLUETOOTH to "recognize" the persons device(person).
    I'm sure some under the hood work would need to be done for the OS to be able to make the connection of the device's Bluetooth ID and the contact in the Peoples Hub. But this feature would further augment the people based reminder concept to yet another level resulting in Windows Phone standing out even more with a very useful, practical and innovative feature. It would take the personal digital assistant, Cortana, and make her an even more tangible "3 dimensional" assistant in that she would perceive physical proximity with a specific person and proactively generate a response for the user to act upon. This concept takes the digital assistant reminder beyond the two dimension platform of interacting with a person via the device and adds real world physical proximity. This is an innovative concept which would be a first for a personal digital assistant.

    Point 1
    Initial Association of Contact and Device: The association of the target persons device and the persons contact card would be made at any point while you are in that person's presence during normal interaction just hanging out etc. This person may be your spouse, child, parents, boss, friend etc.
    Scanning with Bluetooth, the persons device would be identified, and rather than connecting to it, a choice would be offered to associate said device with a contact. You would associate that device with the desired contact not unlike one associates as social network account with a contact now on Windows Phone.
    That device association would be stored permanently on the persons contact card. Done!
    You can do this with as many of your contacts you wish, or feel would be useful.

    Point 2
    Now when you need to be reminded of something next time you see or talk to, or are around a certain person you set the People Reminder just as you do now. However added to Cortana's 'perception' of your interacting with that person is your physical proximity to them when Bluetooth detects their device.

    Proximity People Reminders Powered by Bluetoooth.
    Of course the success of the alert being prompted while you're in the persons physical presence is contingent upon both your bluetooth and their bluetooth being 'on' so that as your device scans the area their device would be detected.
    What this solution does is ADD another layer to the people alert function. If implemented Cortana will have her ability to remind an individual based on email, text, phone call interaction EXTENDED to proximity via bluetooth detection of the persons device.

    Alright! Spread the Word and Let's get the VOTES rolling in and make our breed of Digital Assistant, Cortana even more powerful, ground-breaking, personal and UNIQUE!
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    05-26-2014 07:33 PM
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    I've thought about this idea before, except rather than bluetooth use GPS. Windows phone periodically polls for location anyway, so just store a database of mobile numbers, and GPS co-ordinates (they already do for Find my Phone). Then the reminders can be triggered via mobile numbers coming into proximity. Monitor for this on the Cortana servers, rather than on the phone, to save battery. If the numbers are close, then send a push notification to said phone. Of course, reminders are still set by contact name, not by their number, however, on the backend the mobile number is what's used for unique identification. (+123456789 is a unique number, as opposed to Bill, which will turn up 100s of results). This is also a lot more battery friendly than always on bluetooth.
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    05-27-2014 05:12 AM

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