1. Sashank Mishra's Avatar
    As far as I have used, Cortana for India works only for texted commands.
    Always say I can't get that for voice commands(except internal commands like opening app or calling, texting).
    Also, the interest column has less options.

    Please share your thoughts and experiences.
    08-09-2014 10:58 PM
  2. ashreeram's Avatar
    Ya me too had this but it can be fixed. Just go to speech setting>make it english US>then uncheck that something recognising native voice option> change speech back to English UK> restart the phone. Hare you go! It will start taking commands.
    08-10-2014 01:40 AM
  3. svknet's Avatar
    Some screenshots of Cortana (India)

    08-13-2014 02:02 AM

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