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    Had my 950 a couple of days and am loving it so far. I only have a few small issues with Cortana on Windows 10 mobile, but they are quite annoying in daily use, and I didn't have these 2 issues on my 640 which is running WP8.1

    1) I have my region set to UK, but when I say to Cortana "Text Mum" she picks this up as "Text Mom". I have my "Mum" as a nickname in my mum's contact details so she should find this. If I go and type in "Text Mum" then she finds it in the address book and takes the correct action.

    2) I have it set up to read my incoming texts aloud when connected to Bluetooth headset (i.e. my car). Cortana tells me I have a text and then says, "do you want to read it, or ignore it?" and then either doesn't wait for me to reply - I'm trying to say "read it", or doesn't listen for a reply (I can't figure out which). I've tried turning it on so it reads incoming texts aloud all the time (even without a headset, so just using the phone speakers/mics) and the same thing happens.

    Any suggestions?
    12-06-2015 08:46 AM

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