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    Last week, I had an issue with Outlook 2016 on my computer. I had to completely remove my mail profile from Control Panel and build a new profile. In doing so, I set my old .pst file as the data file for my POP3 email account just like it was before.

    Yesterday, I noticed several packages being tracked in Cortana that were showing eBay transaction numbers with estimated delivery date between February and March of 2018. I was confused because I hadn't ordered anything from eBay recently. When I looked up the transaction numbers in Outlook, I found that the corresponding order confirmations were from 2014. Other packages show a delivery date anywhere between September of this year to April of next year.2017-04-25-1-.png

    I stopped Cortana from tracking those previously delivered packages, but it keeps tracking 5 other old packages at a time. I'm sure this was caused by building a new Outlook mail profile on my computer. Besides turning off the package tracking completely, does anyone know how to correct this so that only new, relevant packages are tracked? This is a useful feature when it is working correctly.
    04-25-2017 11:03 PM

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