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    Some basic first impression comments – this is my first windows 8 tablet, I have “graduated” from a HP Touchpad with WebOS;

    There is a Dell “getting to know windows 8 and your tablet” program which has a bunch of really good little videos on how to use windows 8 – gestures, charms, windows store, etc

    From watching these I can say that the audio is pretty good at 69% (the level it was at when I switched on the tablet). The audio is crisp, clear and sounds pretty much acceptable to my untrained ear.

    The colours are nice and bright and the videos play smoothly. The screen is smooth and fast with no noticeable lag. Swiping in from the left is dangerously fast LOL!

    Getting to the desktop is quick and easy and I have no problems tapping on programs and menus in the desktop menu. The windows button is very responsive. I heard there were issues with the Vivotab smart but on this particular tablet, the windows button does not seem as though it will be giving any issues. Pressing on the windows button switches you between the desktop and the Start page.

    I have linked to my outlook account without any issues and on opening my email, everything is there! Good!

    I plugged in a HP 8GB USB stick into the USB drive and was told that there is a problem with the drive and to “fix it” but when I opened windows explorer, I find that I can access this USB stick and all it’s contents without any issue. The 32GB/14GB onboard memory is not an issue, especially with a 128GB/119GB SD card parked in the slot.

    The webcam is the usual webcam, kind of grainy but still the quality looks good. There is a button to change cameras and the back camera (please forgive me Nikon) takes a really good picture. Way better than my Lumia 900. the photograph can be taken via tapping on the screen. I am a little impressed with the quality – either that or I have had a sheltered upbringing

    I did some basic typing – emailing, etc and the on screen keyboard is fairly decent.

    I had no problems accessing the ships wifi signal, so that is a big plus! That is a main problem with working on a ship, you can’t always have wifi on because it is really really expensive and the satellite signal is usually slow and iffy. There are no friendly cellphone service carriers far out at sea or in exotic islands.

    Weight wise, meh…it is light, and I can easily hold it in either hand or use both hands…the weight is irrelevant. It is a long tablet, in comparison with the Touchpad. So it feels a little weird carrying it at first.

    My dream tablet is either a Kupa or a Surface Pro but for $ 400, this is definitely within my price range and affordable.

    27 May 2013


    Heat - this thing does not get hot. My Lumia gets hot, my laptop and touchpad get hot, but this tablet? It stays cool. I have felt the back of the battery while charging it, transferring files, watching movies, online, etc and the heat is almost negligible.
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    Really interesting read, thanks for this!
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    07-25-2013 11:41 AM
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    I got mine, spent about an hour putting in all my different email address. And the rest of the setup. But even though I didn't set up my HP ePrinter, it was set up already. Still trying to figure how that happened. So far I like it, but lack of space is going to get to me some time. I had only 5GB when I unboxed it. Must try and get rid of the hidden partitions and add that back to the main one.,
    09-07-2013 02:03 PM

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