1. Ryzzlle's Avatar
    Just saw videos of people with genymotion on their tablets, and it looks real cool.
    Does genymotion always run on desktop, I think I remember seeing people saying that they couldn't figure out how to close it when its on full screen mode. Another question, can it run games like pocket planes well? I need me some pocket planes.
    Finally, can it run games that'd be online only offline? I'm also asking this because of pocket planes :)
    09-17-2014 06:01 PM
  2. waazzupppp's Avatar
    I tried hard to get bluestacks working on the Dell, but it just wasn't working as nicely as I wanted to. I'll give Genymotion a try if I can find it and report back...
    09-23-2014 06:18 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What's greymotion? I never heard of it before.

    Bluestacks was a fail on my ASUS laptop.
    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 via Tapatalk
    09-23-2014 06:38 PM
  4. vertigoOne's Avatar
    Backed something like this on KS awhile back, DV8P is at the top of the stack of OEM devices that they will be porting native support and drivers for.

    Console OS - Native Android Remastered for the PC

    Latest update indicated that Android L will be their target for launching if that gives any indication of how long it will be before it is ready, but seems to be a much better solution than the current emulators that are available.
    09-28-2014 02:54 PM
  5. Bobvfr's Avatar
    I liked the opening question, "What if your PC could run I million Android apps", I would guess I would end up with 999,995 apps I have no use for would be my answer.

    09-28-2014 03:20 PM

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