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    So, I just unwrapped my Venue Pro 32 tonight. Very frustrating first couple of things I try to do just don't work.

    1. I have some text selected, and have the little 0's on each side of the text and can drag them to select more etc.
    a) But how then do I select to copy the text?? I try tapping on the word but the copy symbols just don't show up! Nothing I can do can get the copy symbol to come up, expanding the size of the screen to make sure I am tapping on the selected word, etc. just does nothing when I tap.
    b) The tap works on my Lumia phone, why is it not working on the Venue?

    2. I go to another website. Tap in the area to search on something in the forum. The keyboard screen will flash up and then disappear in an instant. Nothing I can do to get the keyboard to stay up, so I can actually type in it. Worthless.

    I wanted to use the Venue Pro as something I can easily browse the web with while I am sitting on the couch watching tv and it is proving to be worthless. Can't even select text to copy or type something into some input places.

    I thought getting a true windows table would get rid of some of the funky behavior I see on my phone or android tablets when going on to web sites, but it is looking much worse. Not sure I want to touch this thing again unless simple things can be done with it.

    What am I missing? I don't see anyone else complaining about it.
    10-27-2014 12:00 AM
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    I have some text selected, and have the little 0's on each side of the text and can drag them to select more etc.
    a) But how then do I select to copy the text??
    Try a long tap (tap and hold)....the right click menu comes up with search/share/copy/paste etc In general a long tap serves as a right click action.

    Not sure what's happening with the keyboard disappearing. On the Start screen side of things, the onscreen keyboard auto appears when you tap in a text entry area (eg search bar). But if you tap outside of the keyboard anywhere...the onscreen keyboard auto disappears. The letters you've typed remain....just tap the text area again at the end of the text string entered and the keyboard auto popup again to finish your text entry.

    On the Desktop side of things, the onscreen keyboard keyboard does NOT auto popup. You will need to select the onscreen keyboard icon from the task bar to generate the keyboard. And unlike the Start screen side, if you tap outside the keyboard area the onscreen keyboard does NOT disappear. Also if you tap the keyboard icon(lower right corner of on screen keyboard) that's ON the keyboard (not the taskbar icon) you will see various keyboard layouts to use. Additionally if you go to the Charms Bar (right screen swipe)....
    Settings | Change PC settings | PC and devices | Typing....
    scroll to bottom item (Touch keyboard) and turn on 'Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option', the full keyboard standard edition will appear in the keyboard layouts to use.

    Finally, these forums/ thread links below might provide valuable tips and tricks for new dv8p owners and jump start your journey:
    Eight Forums - Windows 8 Forums
    Eight Forums - W8 tutorials (index) - Windows 8 Tutorials
    Dell forums | Windows Mobile Products - Windows Mobile Products - Mobile Devices - Dell Community
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    10-27-2014 01:56 AM

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