1. Gaziki's Avatar
    When i press it around middle(near logo) it gives "tap" sounds. Not loud, just slight, more noticable as using tablet. Also when press too hard at middle or near it it deforms pixels. Is it common(this tapping?). I saw on one video as pixels deform when u push in couple of spots, but not sure about cover tapping.
    02-05-2015 04:15 AM
  2. chuckdaly's Avatar
    Not to sound rude, but It's a $200 PC with an 8" touch screen. They have to compromises somewhere.
    aximtreo likes this.
    02-05-2015 06:09 AM
  3. madgibbon's Avatar
    There is nothing wrong with the build quality. There is no reason under normal usage to bend, press or twist a tablet in such a way it distorts the screen. It like reversing your car into a wall then complaining the build quality is poor because you've got a dent.

    Now if the screen distorts while holding the tablet with one hand as many do when reading, I would agree there is a build quality issue.
    02-05-2015 07:17 AM
  4. Gaziki's Avatar
    Its more noticable on black background and happens when tablet is quite warm and pressing in middle(not too hard). I just checked and this tapping sound occur when tablet gets warm while using, but weirdly enough it "taps" not in the spot where it get warm .
    02-05-2015 08:35 AM

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