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    I know there are other threads about W10, I read them. I seem to be having a particularly tough time.

    I have tried the install the following ways:
    Bootable USB with USB adapter cable - gets to 31% and no further. Left overnight until power died.
    Load ISO from Mem card from Win8.1. Gets to 31% then locks up.
    Download from Windows Update. Either does the 31% thing or when I come back it tells me that my previous OS will load.

    I can't seem to free up more than 5Gb space internally. It's the 32GB model. WIn10 setup is OK with that amount of space free.

    I am decrypting the drive (remove Bitlocker) in 8.1 before trying again just in case.

    I have also tried a fresh install of 8.1 to attempt to have as much free disk as possible, but I always come back to about 5GB.

    I appreciate your help!
    05-29-2015 10:12 AM

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