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    It's a long story, really.
    I really wanted windows 10, but I didn't have enough space. So I figured that with a factory reset I would get a lot of space back and that I could just update right away. Well, I did the reset and everything was fine until I actually tried downloading the update. It said that something happened and it couldn't be downloaded.

    So I figure that maybe if I put the tablet up to date some more, I could get it working on a newer version. So it does the first update, and while it was doing it the table went berserk and starting booting on and off, and then it worked for a while but whenever I press the power button the screen only glowed slightly. Once again I thought that just updating it would fix it, and I downloaded it and installed it. However, it restarted itself and now its stuck on a "we couldn't complete the updates" screen. Which is even worse now because whenever it's on that screen, the tablet itself turns off and I can't turn it back on with the power button because it just glows...

    Is there a possible fix for this? I really need this for schoolwork and I started this whole thing in the morning. Now it's nighttime and I still haven't resolved it.
    10-24-2015 08:41 PM
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    Are you downloading Windows 10 or the insider preview versions? If the later, then you need to stop the update, there's a bug in the last update and has been reported but not fixed. If you're just downloading the standard Windows 10 update, you might need to turn off Secure Boot from the Boot menu of the BIOS (Hold down the volume down button while powering on to access). This is bug that's been reported with some surfaces and is a known workaround.

    If all else fails, your best bet is to use another computer and download windows 10 onto a usb drive, and then install it fresh off an OTG cable connected to a usb hub with hardwired mouse / keyboard.
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    10-24-2015 10:10 PM

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