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    I was on stock 8.1, tried the 10 preview, went back to 8.1, disaster trying to recover, used xandros' recovery, got back to stock 8.1 finally...

    Now here I am with a stock 8.1, everything working fine. Even my WiFi issue seems to have gone away. I've updated all the drivers to the latest, BIOS, etc. But loving the 10 experience on my desktop, I'd like to go to 10 on this tablet. So with respect to recoveries that will bring me back to 8.1 should I need it, what exactly is the way to do it?

    - I've heard the Dell software won't work because it creates a recovery you can't actually recover from because of UEFI limitations.
    - I've heard you also can't do an "moment-in-time" image recovery because you can't backup the image to a physical hdd on this tablet.
    - I've even heard people say that the basic Windows recovery disk creation doesn't work. In my particular case, Windows 10 preview had said I'd have an image to recover to and that ended up not being the case because the installation actually deleted it, despite my choice to not do so during installation.

    Since I had so many problems I just want to ask exactly what I need to do to get myself either an image of what the tablet is now or at the very least a flawless recovery to this tablet but as a stock tablet experience without any saved settings. All my tablet experience is synced online stuff anyway. I don't really install much physical software on it.

    Any help, guys? Thanks!!
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    12-29-2015 04:05 PM

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