1. Tyler C1's Avatar
    I have an older Dell Venue Pro 8 that I'd like to convert into a rear view mirror for my truck. I can no longer see out the back window of my truck because of a rack being in the way. My plan is to use a small waterproof webcam in the rear.

    I have a 120V plug in my truck that I can use to charge it. The power automatically comes on when the truck is running and turns off when the truck is turned off. I've purchased the adapter from Dell to charge and use data so that shouldn't be an issue.

    Is there a way to have the DVP8 turn on automatically when the power comes on and turn off automatically when it detects the power is gone?
    05-16-2016 05:41 PM
  2. ejbrod1's Avatar
    I am looking into doing something like this also.

    Looking at any of my Lumia phones, they power on when charging, so there must be a way to do the same with a tablet.

    So far I have found an article on using task scheduler to wake from sleep : create a task but have not found anything yet about powering on form a complete 'off' state. May be something in the BIOS that can be set to wake on charge?

    Yesterday I did a 3.5 hour drive with my DV8P running on battery with Evoscan running and still had 50% battery at the end of the trip!

    Anyone else help out with this?
    12-29-2016 06:56 AM

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