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    Was running Win 10 when VP11 began the auto upgrade to version 1607. Software proceeded to load the update to around 30% before I got a blue screen. I manually shut the tablet down and rebooted. Upgrade started to reload, but then stopped and recovered old win 10 before rebooting. A second attempt was no better following a similar scenario. I found an article on how to upgrade to anniversary edition on 32 GB devices. Article advised using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft's web site. This attempt didn't work either, but it advised that you needed 20 GB free to upload the new software. I had about 10 free (could explain the blue screen and program crash). My VP11 has a 64 GB C drive. I proceeded to unload many programs on that drive and moved the package cache folder to my D drive which is a 200 gb sdxc and has plenty of space. I freed up close to 16GB of space on my C drive. I then sucessfully ran the Media Creation Tool and installed Win Anniversary update. I did have to manually reboot the VP11 at one point, but the program continued to run sucessfully. After the upgrade and another rebooting, VP11 was running Win 10 V1607 but my C drive now had only 2 GB free. I then ran disk cleanup to purge old system files and I now have 17.4 GB free. I am posting this thread in case anyone else encounters similar issues. Its a pain that the update program doesn't check for proper space first and warn the user beforehand, or be able use any additional space found on other drives for file downloads.
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    09-25-2016 05:26 PM
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    In most cases it did say about low storage - not sure why it didn't for you
    09-26-2016 12:34 AM

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