1. Piero Bonadona's Avatar
    Hey today i came home from college and my DVP was just fine, its brand new, ive had it for like a week, i left it on my night stand and it was perfect. I get on the PC, watch some TV, my phone did not move at all, like 3 hours since i got home I pick up my phone and when i unlock the screen, the bottom of it is just a big blur, like its stained or something, its like purple to black, a big blur on the bottom, and rest of the screen is less bright and darker. Out of nowhere, my phone was just sitting there, no water even came close to it, nothing was even close to it, literally out of nowhere. The phone still works perfectly, the screen touch sensivity is still perfectly smooth, and everything is just as it was, but i now have that big blur, what the ****?? Will Dell repair it for free because of the warranty?? or am I screwed??? worst of all I live on Latin America so either way I will have to wait like a month to receive it repair if they repair it, help!!
    04-10-2012 09:10 PM