1. ckj's Avatar
    Post your REDFLY Today Screen shots here.

    Just switched to a Tilt and I'm still setting it up ... so this is it for now. I know, I'm setting the bar pretty low.

    08-08-2008 01:53 AM
  2. MrMediaGuy's Avatar
    Hey, that's actually pretty snazzy! What .TSK file are you using with that? Guava Bubbles I am assuming?
    08-08-2008 12:35 PM
  3. ckj's Avatar
    Yeah, that's the standard Guava Bubbles.
    08-08-2008 06:13 PM
  4. ckj's Avatar
    Here's one with the HTC Home plug in.

    08-09-2008 07:28 PM
  5. flyemhighrockets's Avatar
    Thsee look great guys how do you change your home screen I am using the blackjack 2 and I have no clue how to change the screen on the redfly. No matter what home screen I have on the phone it always gives me the red home screen that is listed on the top.
    10-16-2008 02:33 AM
  6. EdFrmBrighthand's Avatar
    There are instructions for changing the Home Screen:

    BUT these only work with touchscreen devices. You can't do this with your BlackJack II.
    10-27-2008 05:57 PM
  7. btate0121's Avatar
    here's my spread!
    11-06-2008 01:21 PM
  8. unikronn's Avatar
    hello, i just got my redfly which is great......but i can't get the today screen like the ones posted above. i'm running a htc tytn2 with wm6.1.

    i have the jpeg named correctly in the windows folder but nothing appears when i'm connected? i noticed that all my stwater files are GIF instead of JPEG inthe windows folder that show up on the phone.

    would it help if i turned the JPEG into a GIF?

    EDIT: it just started working now:eek: dunno why but i'm happy now
    Last edited by unikronn; 11-08-2008 at 09:17 AM.
    11-08-2008 08:13 AM