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    I know that the only official support for the Samsung BlackJack II is for WM6.0 right now, but I'm wondering if 6.1 should really be any different. I just got a Redfly and I have a persistent problem with a blank "RF start" window showing up whenever I use the Start button or click the left Start key on the home screen. Because of this, I can't really launch any apps unless they are in the MRU.

    Anyone else seeing this? Is there a way to work around this?
    10-02-2008 12:39 PM
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    No one else is seeing this on their BlackJack II? I have a support request in to Celio since 10/2 but no response yet...
    10-07-2008 04:56 AM
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    I finally traced this down... If you have some more recent Esmertec JBED (java midlet manager) versions installed (3.1 is bad, 2.1 is good), then when you press the Start button on a WM 6.1 BlackJack II when connected to the Redfly, you will get an empty RF Start Menu.

    Remove JBED and the problem goes away.
    10-08-2008 06:23 PM
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    Thanks for posting the follow up.
    10-09-2008 10:28 AM
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    I get this on a Moto Q9h with 6.1 ROM with no 3rd party apps installed. Have tried setupOTA driver and beta BJ II, both of which appear to install RFS6_1.3.29.3060.CAB.
    Java in ROM is build no v3.2.7, 20080229b (no vendor name)

    Using Start softbutton or the Redfly WIndows key gives a Window called RF Start, with the left soft key labelled Up. Pressing this has no effect.

    Pressing Backspace (i.e. back arrow) displays the Program icons for a half a second, before the screen is overwritten by the white screen. Whilst the Program icons are showing, the More and Menu soft key labels momentarily appear (but too quick to press). The Top row window title does not change from RF start. The only way to exit this is to press the home key to get back to the Today screen.

    Pressing the Q key whil in the RF Start window got rid of it and dropped back to the Programs screen, which now works normally. One difference is that the Windows key no longer works, so you have to use the Left button to launch Start. Rebooting the phone kicks off the RF STart window again.
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    10-09-2008 03:58 PM