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    OK ... I know this one may be out there but I was thinking about what use I might have for a Redfly when it occured to me....if this thing had a touch screen and audio out I would love to have it permanently mounted in my car! Hop in the car ... turn the key and the redfly powers on and connects with my 800w .... now I can make calls using a nice big screen, listen to music with Kinoma Play, access google maps, use Garmin XT (maybe? dont know how well this app would transition to the big screen).

    I know it sounds like a pipe dream but for me it would be ideal!
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    10-03-2008 08:06 AM
  2. EdFrmBrighthand's Avatar
    A tablet version of the Redfly with a touchscreen is an interesting idea, but I'd hate to give up the built-in keyboard.

    If you just want to use your Redfly in the car, pick up a DC-to AC converter at your local electronics store. That is, if you're gong on a trip that's longer than 8 hours. Otherwise just use the battery. :-)
    10-07-2008 12:49 PM