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    I have read all the reviews, and pros/cons to the redfly. I have wanted a larger screen and keyboard to use with my phone for a long time and the redfly looks perfect for what i need. So i have decided to order one. I know that my current phone is not on the official supported device list but maybe someone can help me. i am on the sprint network with the original moto Q / WM 5.0. I tried to download the WM 5.0 drivers for the samsung blackjack and the palm treo 700, but my phone wouldn't recognize either one. I had my eyes on the new htc touch pro but VGA/touchflo 3d is not supported yet anyways. I am gonna order the redfly if my moto q works or not and than buy a WM6.1 sprint phone that will work with it. I hope that the HTC touch pro drivers will be finished soon. If they never get the VGA phones to work i will buy a mogul insted. but i was hoping that there was some kind of generic WM 5.0 driver that will work for the time being until i figure out what "real" phone i should buy. I can't wait till i get my redfly!!!! :)
    10-20-2008 03:39 PM
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    Oh and p.s. If the cab. file corrupts my phone and makes it unuseable don't worry about it. I have sprint insurance and from what i understand sprint is low on replacement moto Q's anyway so i might get a free Q9c if my phone dies! :) so fire away without fear!
    10-20-2008 03:51 PM
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    Okay, the last time i tried to install the WM 5.0 drivers, i downloaded them to my computer first and then transfered them to the sd card on my phone using active sync. Once there i tried to install it onto my phone with no luck. This time i tried to install the blackjack WM 5.0 driver to my phone directly from the celio web site and IT WORKED!!! The old Moto Q accepted it! So all i have to do now is wait for my redfly and i will be in buisness! :) Well, until they get the VGA thing worked out, then it's gonna be HTC touch diamond/pro all the way! Hope this little bit of info comes in handy to someone. There are a ton of old WM 5.0 phones still out there.
    10-21-2008 12:22 AM