1. charlesmc75's Avatar
    I know that celio is hard at work creating the drivers for the new htc VGA phones. If i had to disable or completely REMOVE touchflo 3D for it to render correctly i wouldn't mind doing so at all. ;) A standard WM 6.1 today screen would be fine with me. But something that has the looks and functionality of snapview from the HTC shift would be even better!!! Either way, it would turn the diamond or pro into an UBER MOGUL! I bet most people who buy a redfly wouldn't mind the mod, actually they might like their phones better without it. Without touchflo 3D i am sure the phone would be very snappy. Why bog down the the processor with a UI that is designed to make it more consumer friendly? Thats what the iPhone, instinct and others are designed for.
    10-23-2008 05:44 AM