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  1. mying's Avatar
    I got Redfly from Expansys HK.

    After intalling the drives of HTC Touch from Clio(RFP6_1.3.29.3060.CAB),it is no connect to Redfly.Q:It's unknown devices.And I also tried to update Fireware of Redfly(RFDFirmware.CAB),but failed too.Q:connected too long....

    My HTC Touch:speed 201,WM6,Chinese Languge.

    My Redfly FW:Build 104,May 20,2008

    Give me a hand ,Thanks a lot.
    10-23-2008 11:14 PM
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    Only thing to do is set USB connection...

    Go to "settings"> "Connections" tab>"USB to PC" you will find a check box there that says "Enable advanced network functionality" Make sure the box is checked.
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    10-24-2008 08:39 AM