12-01-2008 09:41 AM
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  1. anon159272's Avatar
    LOL. I was reading several threads and meant to post a response to this one and the one about word completion and mixed the two - sorry!

    The issue here is specific to the Treo, but it too has been fixed in the next release.

    - Laurie (Celio Director of Engineering/Ops)

    Your post indicated that this treo-specific issue was fixed in the then-next (presumably now current) release, yet I'm still seeing the double-press-required-to-turn-on issue. Can you confirm that in your testing it is resolved, or did this not make it into the final build?

    Thanks! This was one thing I was really looking forward to after seeing your post.
    11-26-2008 02:36 PM
  2. helf's Avatar
    I have this problem with my Treo 800w. I just got the redfly and noticed a few days ago that my phone now takes two presses of the power button plus the center button for the keyguard to turn on. Didn't link it to the redfly though :) Doesn't bother me, I actually kinda like it. My battery life seems to have improved a bit since even with the keyguard on the screen comes to life for a few seconds :P

    Still loving my redfly :]
    12-01-2008 09:41 AM
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