1. jwebb56's Avatar
    I really like the concept of the Redfly but would use it on a sAMSUNG EPIX. That phone does not show up on the SUPPORTED list yet but I also know that non-listed phones might work with either generic drivers or the drivers for other phones (e.g., a Treo Pro since they both run 6.1 at 320x320 res).

    Has anyone got an EPIX working with a Redfly?
    11-05-2008 07:30 PM
  2. Aware's Avatar
    It's Windows Mobile 6.1, right? I'd expect it to work. Certainly works fine with my BlackJack ... I know, different phone, touchscreen etc, but it should work :-)
    11-05-2008 08:48 PM
  3. jwebb56's Avatar
    Yeah, I have the feeling it'll work with perhaps a few minor quirks. But I'd hate to shell out $200 only to find out it doesn't work. If I knew the Epix was on their list to support it'd be different too.
    11-05-2008 09:22 PM
  4. mskovrinskie's Avatar
    It worked for me on my Epix just fine before I returned the Epix (waiting for the Fuze and Redfly beta drivers to come out soon!).
    11-08-2008 05:20 AM
  5. laurieny's Avatar
    The ATT Epix is on our list of phones to support. ;)


    Director of Engineering
    Celio Corp | REDFLY
    11-08-2008 07:00 AM
  6. jwebb56's Avatar
    Good to know it will be supported as I have an EPIX on order, I did read one comment on a PC Thoughts forum that stated they had an EPIX and it worked fine with Redfly.
    11-08-2008 09:38 AM
  7. flyemhighrockets's Avatar
    I justed order a epix also so what phone drivers will i need to download for the epix. I wouldnt think the blackjack drivers will work with the epix being a touch screen and windows pro 6.1 so will the tilt drivers work? Thanks.
    11-10-2008 12:06 AM
  8. Aware's Avatar
    11-10-2008 12:38 AM
  9. flyemhighrockets's Avatar
    I will use that driver when the phone comes thanks again.
    11-10-2008 12:57 AM
  10. laurieny's Avatar
    Or you can email me and we can discuss another option. ;-)


    Director of Engineering
    Celio Corp | REDFLY
    11-10-2008 07:55 AM
  11. Aware's Avatar
    ooo you are a tease ...
    11-10-2008 08:26 AM
  12. laurieny's Avatar
    Who me?


    11-10-2008 11:16 AM
  13. jwebb56's Avatar
    I'm a bit confused. The Redfly software downloads list separate devices but the files appear to be very common, with the principle differentiation being WM5, WM6, WM Std & WM Pro. There were no options during the load though to pick a specific phone.

    So the question is: Are those similar names files identical (or are they phone specific but names the same)? and if they are similar, How do you pick a phone driver to try for a currently unsupported phone like the EPIX (which is reported to work with teh Tilt drivers)?
    11-10-2008 08:10 PM
  14. FlavioX's Avatar
    I've tested the Samsung SGH-i780 (European version of the Epix) with the Palm Treo Pro driver (because the TP is also 320x320 resolution) and all is working well. I use a custom Windows 6.1 ROM (from XDA Developers) on my i780 with 96dpi resolution. I haven't tested it with 128dpi resolution.

    I also would like to know if all these different drivers are actually different or if there are just a few drivers for 6.0, 6.1, Pro and Standard. If they are indeed different why not name them different?
    11-14-2008 12:08 PM
  15. jwebb56's Avatar
    I have the EPIX working with a "Treo 750 driver" previously downloaded. The only issue I've noticed is it will not connect with BT. So, on teh oft chance the drivers are really different (in spite of identical file names) I think I'll download the Treo Pro 6.1 driver and see if it works better.
    11-14-2008 08:09 PM
  16. flyemhighrockets's Avatar
    So did the BT work when you used the other driver?
    11-15-2008 10:00 PM
  17. jwebb56's Avatar
    No, BT did not work. I strongly suspect that there is just one Driver file for WM6.1 Touchscreen devices and that I was actually reloading the identical driver. As far as things that don't work with an EPIX goes, the BT connection is the only one I have uncovered. The theme's aspect ratio also seems a bit off to me -- by that I mean the tiling is not square looking but is actually a bit wider that in is tall. Nothing very bad about that but it indicates the EPIX and its 320x320 screen is probably not truly supported yet.

    Hopefully the beta driver for the EPIX will be in the next update and that update will be out soon.
    11-16-2008 10:51 AM
  18. flyemhighrockets's Avatar
    ok thanks
    11-16-2008 11:01 AM
  19. Ebag333's Avatar
    There isn't just one driver, but all the drivers ARE very similar.

    For example when I first started using the WM6 driver on my 700wx (before WM6 was supported), my 5 way would switch to landscape mode when I was connected to the Redfly. Since the driver I was using wasn't setup for square screen, it treated my Treo like a slider device.

    Now that Celio supports the WM6 Treo, the driver works correctly. :)

    So yes, there are some difference, but the bulk of the drivers are the same. Celio will most likely need to tweak the driver to work correctly with the Epix.
    11-16-2008 01:45 PM
  20. jwebb56's Avatar
    Are you suggesting that all those identically named files (and identical file size) are really tweaked for different devices or that a single file contains the various drivers for the supported devices? I'm guessing the latter.

    In any case, the EPIX is going to be supported officially in the next release. Since the Redfly works pretty well with an EPIX on the current driver release, it isn't too difficult to wait.
    11-16-2008 09:26 PM
  21. btschuster's Avatar
    Are Samsung Saga drivers on the to be supported list?
    Does anyone know if the Treo Pro drivers work for that phone also?
    11-18-2008 03:35 PM
  22. jwebb56's Avatar
    BTW, I did finally get my EPIX to connect using BT. More than likely it was my fault for missing one key piece of the process. However, there are a few keys and functions that do not work quite right. They are not major inconvienences though.

    For Laurie or Colin: When are the EPIX drivers due out? Even beta drivers would be greatly appreciated.
    11-26-2008 07:34 PM
  23. miata492's Avatar
    Are Samsung Saga drivers on the to be supported list?
    Does anyone know if the Treo Pro drivers work for that phone also?
    I would like to know about the Saga i770 also. I am assuming it should be no problem.
    12-17-2008 08:32 PM