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    This one is sort of a category killer, but since it relates specifically to my Redfly setup (though it's not an issue with the Redfly itself) I am posting it here. It would presumably only affect people with a Treo 800w and a Redfly, so the general 800w forum is too general.

    This is unfortunate. I had visions of using my Treo 800w on the plane, plugged into my RedFly, and using the USB headphones that came with the phone (I modified mine to accept any 3.5mm headphones). An all-cable solution, allowing me to charge the 800w while working on the Redfly and perhaps listening to music (no video support on Redfly as of this writing). No bluetooth because you just never know when an airline employee is going to say "no radio devices", and I have a great set of noise cancelling headphones that aren't bluetooth enabled.

    Doesn't work.

    I plugged Palm's USB splitter into the phone. Plugged the Redfly into the port with the triangle and the headphones into the headphone port. The 800w charges off the redfly just fine, but it won't connect via USB. So I switch the Redfly to the "headphone" port in the splitter, and it immediately connects to the phone. Switch back to the other port...it's a charging-only port, no data.

    So with the Treo 800w you cannot use the Redfly and headphones simultaneously without using bluetooth. Now I'm really wishing the Redfly had some sort of audio pass-through.

    That said, you can charge the 800w using the charging-only port, connect the 800w and Redfly via bluetooth, and then connect the earbuds to the other end of the USB splitter. Or, if you have bluetooth headphones you can use them and connect the Redfly directly to the 800w using USB.

    Interestingly enough, setting the 800w to "flight mode" doesn't disable bluetooth, but I wouldn't want to assume that I'd always be able to use bluetooth on a flight, for example; my guess is that it's technically as against regulations as making a phone call.
    11-13-2008 05:30 PM
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    "flight mode" means disabling all radio's that broadcast. In your Wireless Manager, that means you'll see all three radios as off.

    That's a MAJOR disappointment that the one port seems to be charging only. I'm frankly surprised that Palm would do that....
    11-13-2008 06:36 PM
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    You're indicating there's a difference between the Federal government's definition of "flight mode" and Palm's definition of flight mode. :) Which doesn't surprise me.

    I kid you not, when I set my 800w to flight mode by holding down the power off button and waiting for "Sprint...Goodbye"...the bluetooth radio stays powered on. I see the icon still blue and when I got into wireless manager I see Wifi Off, Bluetooth On, Phone Off.

    If you don't believe me I'll post a video. Does your 800w behave differently? Maybe it's time for a hard reset for me if a normal 800w doesn't do that.

    Edit: did I just call your 800w normal? LOL
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    11-13-2008 06:44 PM
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    Sounds like a "feature" to me. Why would you want to hard reset and take the chance of disabling it?
    11-13-2008 07:05 PM
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    LOL because I'm wondering if my BT is wonky and that's why my bluetrek metal headset isn't working with the 800w (thread in the main 800w forum). No one else's phone works this way?
    11-13-2008 07:23 PM