1. cosmicghost's Avatar
    Has anyone tried charging their Redfly via solar bag or portable panel?
    I want to get his solar bag but I'm not sure if it will provide enough power to charge my Redfly.

    The bag provides:
    Power 6.3 Watts
    Voltage, 16.6 Volts
    Current, 0.325 Amps

    But the redfly needs about 9V at 2.5Amps?

    So is the solar bag a good idea?
    11-14-2008 01:48 PM
  2. cosmicghost's Avatar
    no one has an answer for this?
    11-23-2008 05:43 PM
  3. Ebag333's Avatar
    Even if you could get it to take a charge (and that's a lot of voltage), it'd take a *LONG* time at .325 amps. Plus you're not going to get that much amperage consistently, you'll be lucky to average half that.
    11-23-2008 07:25 PM