04-11-2009 01:47 PM
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  1. lynnpreston's Avatar
    Ed K.,

    Can you post a link to that theme? I'll give it a shot. A cursory Google search isn't giving me much.

    12-25-2008 05:57 AM
  2. edk's Avatar

    The link to the topic is on the XDA Developers forum - you 'll need to set up a login (free).


    If the link doesn't work, it is thread "xda-developers > Raphael > Raphael software > [THEME]12/23/08 Fuze Flip Clock V7 (Including Landscape TF3D)" on http://forum.xda-developers.com.

    There are currently 51 pages in this thread - a very popular theme and active user group. Link to the actual file by hitting the "FOUND HERE on Mediafire" link in Blue. there are a few lingering issues that they are working on, even today, but the theme rocks.

    Good luck and hope you like it.

    - Ed K.
    12-25-2008 10:26 AM
  3. cuzlion's Avatar
    What a nice Christmas present from the Redfly driver team, finally after weeks of not being able to use bluetooth with my Alltel (CDMA) Touch Pro and the Redfly it now seems rock solid. How solid? Well, I have been on almost 30 minutes and checked email, clicked through to web links, surfed and waded into WMExperts forum to post this on PIE which is not a good browser for this site on this phone, molasses speed, but not one invalid sequence, dropped link, stutter, freeze, it is just as solid or more so than my old Mogul was, sweet.....

    Now I assume this is due solely to the driver but someone else will need to confirm, I have also tweaked the living daylights out of this phone over the holidays and it is possible I suppose that one of the many registry changes got rid of something that was my problem, but my guess is this will solve everyone's BT connection issues, sure hope so anyway. My other pet peeve is that the Redfly driver used to kick me off wifi, actually turn the radio off somehow, every few minutes. That is a problem at home where my cell signal stinks but not anywhere else since Rev A is just as fast and is available most everywhere in the world it seems except in my home. I will test that feature tonight, with any luck they got that one too. Great job Redfly techs, Happy New Year! Cuz
    12-31-2008 01:34 PM
  4. cuzlion's Avatar
    Fortunately this isn't a deal breaker but I still have a problem with the wifi radio on the touch pro turning itself off constantly when the RedFly is connected via bluetooth to the phone. When I use the usb cable it seems to maybe have gone away with the .72 driver or at least it is infrequent but since I can only use wifi at home due to my rural address I will have to cable up to Redfly. I tried several things, like locking my phone to 1X instead of letting it switch to evdo. It gets a lousy signal at my home so it is constantly seeking and the wifi would drop when the phone would switch radios I noticed. Well it stopped that of course when I locked it to 1X but no help cause when I would launch any app or even switch web sites it would also turn off the wifi radio. I have never had it happen unless the Redfly is connected, and now only seems to be frequent when the Redfly is Bluetooth connected to the Touch Pro. At least when I am in a hotel or airport now and want to check a quick email or website I won't have to cable up and at home it isn't a big deal but is a slight nuisance, help Redfly techs, surely there is an easy fix? Cuz
    12-31-2008 04:38 PM
  5. edk's Avatar
    Loaded .72 today, ran it against the latest HTC Black theme (stunning, and working TF3D in landscape!), and voila, I can actually see all of the text on the RF that I could not see before. Screens are black backs with white text like the theme, until it switches to a non-theme screen, then it's normal. Home screen look terrific (though still have the grey banner at the bottom) - text size for the most part is perfect, read lots of email, SMS, and web material. Yeah, some menus are still Lego block sized, but hey - we're getting somewhere now!

    For the first time I was able to enable Wifi and launch my home automation control screens and monitor and control stuff around the house, which worked swimmingly for a while. I agree with other posts that RF is frequently dropping the WiFi connection, and I was running tethered (so I'm not sure about BT stability yet). But for the first time I was actually able to USE the RF for something other than just test it.

    Oh, and TF3D was switching on and off as it should - didn't see any issue there with this rev.

    Progress is good! C'mon Celio - keep up the pace with the XDA boys! ;-)
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    01-04-2009 05:40 PM
  6. Smart Guy's Avatar
    I installed beta .72 on my unlocked TouchPro but the About page still shows .70

    Software Version
    Firmware Version

    Is something amiss?
    01-06-2009 01:30 AM
  7. Boo Radley's Avatar
    This is my first post here. Woohoo.

    Anyways, hopefully I can get some help. I've just updated my Redfly software and firmware to .72 from .70. It was working fine before, but not so much now. After doing the update, none of the information transfers over (meaning I see nothing on the Redfly screen). I've tried connecting via USB and bluetooth, both to no avail. There's no picture...although I can control the TP's screen with the Redfly touchpad. :rolleyes:

    Hopefully someone here can give me some helpful advice. And BTW, I'm using a Sprint HTC Touch Pro. Also, I've tried reinstalling the .72 software a couple times and that has made no difference.

    PS: It'd sure by nice to see some documentation on these updates as they're coming somewhat frequently. Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough but I haven't seen much indication of what is actually improved with each build.
    01-06-2009 07:01 PM
  8. stanip's Avatar
    Perhaps you could consider trying the following...

    1) You probably have already done this. Uninstall your device driver and reinstall it again, then softset and try the USB connection. Or

    2) Reinstall the firmware via your TP. Then reinstall your device driver followed by the USB connection step. It worked for me in the past when I had a similiar problem.

    3) Last resort... backup all stuff in TP. Do a hardreset and reinstall the RF driver on the clean rom. Then you can restore your other staff from the backup. This has always for for me installing on a clean rom.

    Good luck.
    01-07-2009 07:49 AM
  9. Boo Radley's Avatar
    Thanks for your advice. I did try reinstalling the software (builds .72 & .70) but that didn't work. Hopefully reinstalling the firmware will do the trick. However, I have a feeling I'll have to sink to the last resort.

    Since there are so many variables involved (hardware, WinMo, other software, etc), I don't want to point any fingers, but I've had lots of problems with my TP since installing the Redfly software. It first started with error messages (I posted on that in the Touch Pro/Fuze forum) and now my phone seems to be shutting down on itself. Its gradually gotten slower (even when turning off TF3D), and now I'm having trouble syncing with my pc. When trying to transfer files it takes a horrendous amount of time. For example, when trying to move a 3MB file, it takes close to 2 minutes when it used to be 15 seconds. Its just so frustrating since I really love these 2 devices. For now I'm trying to stay optimistic that it'll work out soon.

    Edit: I'll stop griping now. Reinstalling the firmware did the trick. Plus my phone seems to be back how it was prior to this update. I can sync again and the file transfer is back in high speed. Unfortunately I did lose my contacts on my phone (over 200), but hopefully that'll be fixed with a quick sync to my PC.
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    01-07-2009 10:22 AM
  10. phildro's Avatar
    The last .72 driver build showed a lot of progress, but I'm still waiting for more stability...now it seems like I need to reboot my TP if I disconnect and want to later reconnect.

    Hope we get a new version soon.
    01-14-2009 04:44 PM
  11. bioart#WP's Avatar
    Yeah, I check the beta site every day... I hope Celio doesn't think it's "good enough" already... It's certainly a lot of progress, but still unstable and slow. If only there was a way to change the dpi's upon connection...
    01-14-2009 07:56 PM
  12. edk's Avatar
    My .72 against Herg's Black theme is plenty stable over USB and even BT, but the blasted WiFi is what is getting me hot. Won't stay up longer than 5 or 10 minutes, and what's worse, it's sneaky about it - just disappears and replaces the WiFi symbol with the 3G or Edge symbol - don't realize what happened until I notice that everything drops to a crawl. If I had bought into the C8N, I'd be pretty PO'd right now not being able to DL/watch videos OTA as the promise of the Fuze/Redfly marriage led us to believe it had! Honestly, I'm not even sure what influence a dumb data terminal like RF has over the phone's WAN connection - doesn't make any sense, and I'm a 25 yr. electrical engineer!
    01-14-2009 09:29 PM
  13. drjohn61's Avatar
    I am still having issues w/ BT. I use MobiPocket to read books and it works great w/ the Fly, but if I use BT it slows to crawl after changing several pages and eventually just quits...
    01-16-2009 01:33 PM
  14. edk's Avatar
    Anyone home at Celio? Movement on this driver seems to have crawled to a stop. Are there any plans for a final release? :mad:
    02-01-2009 02:06 PM
  15. drjohn61's Avatar
    Hmmm, I am about ready to give up and migrate to a netbook. I liked the idea of the Celio and shelled out the money--but what good is that w/o support?
    02-01-2009 07:42 PM
  16. drjohn61's Avatar
    I don't think Celio is even monitoring this forum any more... :thumbsdn:
    02-02-2009 04:45 PM
  17. Boo Radley's Avatar
    I can't help but feel that my fear has been realized: that new products/software has taken precedence over the Redfly's maintenance. I guess I can be happy with how my TP & RF interact but there's always room for improvement. In an ideal world, I'd be able to play FPSEce on the RF's 8" screen. That's probably a tad far-fetched, but it sure would be nice. Oh, and I guess no lag with documents would be of some help also.
    02-02-2009 05:32 PM
  18. ckj's Avatar
    We'll have a new beta build in two weeks with some big changes stemming from months of work on a few issues. Continuing support for new WM phones is a big priority so we have a separate team working on the new products/software side as to not take away from our WM developers. This next build to get posted is a bit of a curve jump so there's been a lot of testing etc. internally with multiple new builds in order to get to the point that it's stable enough to be released as the next official beta build.
    02-03-2009 06:59 PM
  19. mknollman's Avatar
    OK, thanks very much for the update. I think people here get itchy (I know I do) when it comes to electronics as we all are enthusiasts. I have to keep telling myself that I bought the Redfly when I owned a Mogul, and it was supported. All of us using it with the TP have to understand that there was never a promised timeline as to when the drivers would be squared away, and we are using it knowing that it will be in beta for an unknown amount of time.

    I think the big frustration is that this forum has kind of become the "official unofficial" way to get info from Celio about the Redfly. So when we look and see no communication for a month on this thread it gets frustrating, eventhough I know you have no requirement to post at all.

    I have to say that besides my BT not working, my RF and my TP work well together. Looking forward to the new build. Keep the improvements coming. Thanks for the information.
    02-03-2009 07:26 PM
  20. drjohn61's Avatar
    Agreed. We can all wait--it is waiting without any information that is very frustrating. We were getting regular updates; and then--nothing...

    Looking forward to the new beta.

    02-03-2009 08:45 PM
  21. ckj's Avatar
    I apologize. That's my bad for not posting much on this forum during the period when there really wasn't any news that could be discussed in public at all. We have a number of large enterprise deals that are contingent on us getting the Touch Pro and Diamond working (plus we risk a WMexperts forum mutiny if we can't pull it off), so believe me, our developers have been working long hours to move the phones from beta to released status.
    02-05-2009 12:18 AM
  22. lynnpreston's Avatar
    Just so I understand the development staff's stated goal - do you guys define "working" as the RedFly display being the correct resolution (i.e. the soft buttons and title bar not being Fisher Price size) without using a 3rd party program like RealVGA and without a soft reset? Is that even within the realm of posibilities, or are you guys merely working to get the existing beta drivers less buggy (with the Fisher Price look still present).

    Just want to set my expectations accordingly. Thanks.
    02-12-2009 10:58 AM
  23. ckj's Avatar
    lynnpreston, the Fisher Price look (or as we like to call it in-house, Meatball mode) is a major issue to fix. It's something we hate too and have spent a lot of time on, but we don't think it will be fixed in the near future. We most likely will have to move the Touch Pro/Diamond driver from beta to released status before this issue is dealt with. When you think about what must be done, it's a huge task. Since the resolution on those screens are already 640x480, when you move the output to the current REDFLY screen (800x480) you are going from a 3-inch screen to an 8-inch screen without really changing the pixel density and everything just naturally gets larger. Fixing the issue involves changing the text size and the menu bar size dynamically and is pretty tough. It also will likely involve HTC giving us some help around how they are drawing to the screen etc. We have not given up, but it most likely won't be fixed when the driver is promoted out of the beta stage (currently planned for sometime in March).
    02-12-2009 04:23 PM
  24. ckj's Avatar
    Now for the good news. The next beta build (build No. 93) will be posted sometime tomorrow (Friday) before 8 p.m. EST!

    Keep checking http://celiocorp.com/install/beta and you'll notice the obvious change to the page when we post the new driver.

    As you can tell from the build number (the last beta build we posted was 72), there are a lot of changes. We've been through many revs working to get everything stable enough for posting to the public and this involved some fundamental changes in the way some items are drawn on the screen.

    All of the changes will be noted on the install page tomorrow, but here are some highlights...

    1) Opera 9.5 now works!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2) Major speed improvements when connected over USB cable.
    3) Bluetooth bug fixes.
    4) Increased compatibility with some Today Screen plugins (SPB Mobile Shell)
    5) Increased compatibility with many third-party apps.

    We will continue to release a few additional beta builds past 93 and plan to move from beta to official release on these drivers sometime in March.
    02-12-2009 04:33 PM
  25. ckj's Avatar
    The new build (93) is now posted.

    Hit http://celiocorp.com/install/beta from your PC or http://m.celiocorp.com/beta.asp right from your phone.

    If you want to install the beta on a currently supported touchscreen phone such as the Tilt, 800w, Treo Pro, etc. (make sure your phone has a touchscreen running WM 6 or 6.1), download any of the drivers listed on that beta page for touchscreen WM 6 or WM 6.1 phones (like the driver for the Fuze will do).

    Make sure to also download the Firmware update file and follow the directions to update your REDFLY too.
    02-13-2009 05:21 PM
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