04-11-2009 01:47 PM
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  1. anon159272's Avatar
    This morning after resetting I'm getting ARM11 fatal errors again out of the blue. I haven't reinstalled AE Button Plus.

    oncrpc_xprtrtr.c line 674

    and one other I clicked through by accident (was going too fast - I haven't had these errors in a few days so I thought 163 was fully stable on the Touch Pro without AE Button Plus). I was just getting into using my Redfly again; I wonder what's causing the conflict. I use .NET CF 3.5, and Pocket Shield, which is more of a must-have than the Redfly (!). I wish there was some explanation as to what sorts of things might cause these ARM11 fatal errors so that we could help determine what other software might be causing the conflict. It would be a lot better than trying to blindly remove and reinstall things until the problem reappears, particularly considering that at least in this case the problem disappeared for a few days and then suddenly came back (and I haven't installed anything new).
    04-11-2009 09:35 AM
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    I make the same suggestion to you as I did above:

    -Backup image with Sprite, SPB Backup or the like (they do offer trials)
    -Hard Reset (have faith - the backups do work - heck make 2 and store them separately - lol)
    -Install only the RF stuff - VERY FIRST
    -Install your required software one at a time with a soft reset each time to see if you can draw the error.
    -Install as little software as possible and try it out for a week and leave out AEbutton and the other questionables. ( I know a week seems painful without the toy store, but it will be worth it to hash this out once and for all).
    -If the errors come back - you will have to live with it - restore your old OS and move one
    -If they are gone - some odd file somewhere was screwy and you will have to bite the bullet and just roll with the clean install. Know that in Windows uninstalling does not always really remove the entire program and put things back the way they were - especially if it as written by a mediocre coder.

    PS - this time as soon as you are set up - back up then - this is now your "factory fresh" image with all your programs preinstalled and configured. This is how WinMo has to be handled as it is based in the same principles as Windows - and thus needs a clean install every 6 months to a year. I end up doing it much more often as I am a nerd and am constantly trying beta and other iffy software. Now when I kill this, thing I simply reinstall my image then either sync with my PC or sync with the Microsoft MyPhone Beta (awesome software by the way) and it is like nothing ever happened. - That was a LONG PS.
    -If they stay gone -
    04-11-2009 01:47 PM
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