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    I've just noticed something I think is new to the latest Redfly driver.

    When I have my Redfly connected to my Treo 800w, I cannot use my Bluetooth headset (I've tried two now) to make outgoing calls using voice command. When I disconnect Redfly, voice command works normally. Incoming calls are not affected (I can answer the call and converse while using Redfly).


    1. Initiate voice command session with headset
    2. Voice command prompt appears on Redfly and tone sounds in headset
    3. Say command (i.e., call <name> work).
    4. Voice command beeps and closes (normally at this point it would confirm the command and dial after a "yes").

    Anyone else have issues? I thought this was working before, but maybe I only tested incoming calls.

    Quick edit: this only affects voice command; I can dial out using the menu system. Also, it makes no difference if I'm connected to the Redfly via USB or bluetooth.
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