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    I remember earlier there was a forumer mentioned about using RealVGA to gain back the lost display space on Redfly with Touch Pro. However, at that time, I ran into problems with the dial-pad failed to function right after...

    There are some improved versions coming up and it seems to be ok after using it for 1/2. Will see how it goes.

    For those who are interested, here is a review.
    12-07-2008 10:50 AM
  2. stanip's Avatar
    12-07-2008 11:09 AM
  3. Ebag333's Avatar
    Yeah...if only it were that easy..... ;)
    12-09-2008 01:28 AM
  4. graham.hughes's Avatar
    The components posted here seem to work well (that is, my phone does not break horribly).

    The main downside is the need to reboot. If someone can work out a quicker alternative...
    12-11-2008 07:20 AM
  5. lynnpreston's Avatar
    I'll second graham - my Sprint Touch Pro works great at 96dpi using those components developed for the EPIX. The reboot is a pain, but otherwise I seem to get 100% RedFly functionality.
    12-11-2008 11:08 AM
  6. stanip's Avatar
    I use the 128dpi version of RealVGA with the large font on my touchpro. Not perfect but getting by (still readable on the phone) without doing the reboot every time I disconnect from Redfly...
    12-12-2008 09:19 AM
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    Found ways to change different fonts in WM6 for those who are interested in exploring RealVGA options.* Use at your own risk*

    1) Neofont (I use 1200 under 128 dpi setting)

    2) Tweak2k2 (free for use 3 times) can bold system fonts to make them more readable.
    12-25-2008 07:10 PM
  8. dsteinschneider#AC's Avatar
    Hi stanip,

    I'm getting by with "My first laptop" effect but interested in RealVGA. I'm worried that it might throw off my finely tuned already unlocked and ROM updated verizon touch pro (scott crosler Verizon ROM with GPS unlocked)

    I am correct in understanding that if I install RealVGA I can choose 128dpi which will make everything look pretty "normal" on the redfly?

    The issue being if I disconnect the redfly and starting using the phone everything will be quite small at 128dpi?

    If I return to the default dpi (192?) then everything is exactly as stock even though RealVGA is installed?

    To switch dpi using RealVGA requires soft reset?

    12-29-2008 03:47 PM
  9. Ebag333's Avatar
    Switching DPI using RealVGA requires a soft reset.

    There's no issues using a smaller DPI with the Redfly, at least in my experience so far.
    12-29-2008 04:18 PM
  10. stanip's Avatar
    Dsteinschneider, Ebag333 is correct on soft reset and DPI usability.
    Suggest you do a full backup first before trying it out. Fonts on the phone are tiny and I enlarged them with Neofonts and Tweak2k2.

    By the way, I use Pocket Breeze (PIM, messages, note...etc) as my key today tool (95% of my phone usage other than making calls) and its font size can be adjusted back to normal even in 96/128 dpi.

    On customed roms, my own trial and error experience is that most of them are ok if you install the redfly driver on a clean rom.
    12-29-2008 07:13 PM
  11. Ebag333's Avatar
    Speaking of RealVGA, a new version is up for the 800w and Treo Pro (probably works for other phones as well). Check out the 800w forums for it. ;)
    01-01-2009 03:06 PM
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    Switching DPI using RealVGA requires a soft reset.

    There's no issues using a smaller DPI with the Redfly, at least in my experience so far and i thank u....

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    04-20-2009 01:19 AM