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    First, my english is a bit poor, but maybe someone understand and can help me.
    My Redfly had a strange problem:
    If i turn it on, the redfly test himself. I read some popups like:
    starting mfgr test
    checking memory - passed
    checking flash memory - passed
    Lastly he ask: Want continue functional test: Yes / No
    If i select yes, he test ®manufacturing® things like keyboard, screen and ports, if i select NO
    i can use the Redfly.
    The redfly works without any problem, but the selfcheck after tuning on costs a lot of seconds.
    Reflash firmware dosnt solve the problem?
    Can someone help to turn the selfcheck off?
    Hope you understand my poor english,
    best wishes,

    Use my redfly with HTC Touch Diamond and drivers
    What is happened to my little toy?
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    12-14-2008 12:44 PM
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    It sounds like you received a defective unit. You need to return it to the place of original purchase and get a replacement REDFLY.

    Contact support@celiocorp.com for any assistance in returning the device.

    Post back here if you have any questions.
    12-17-2008 02:34 PM