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    Just upgraded from the XV6700 to the Verizon XV 6850 (Touch Pro) this week. Tech support got right back to my email inquiry earlier this week letting me know to look for a driver today. I've loaded it and connected. I can run my time billing software, remote desktop, email and PIE so I'm in good shape.

    I get the "Bluetooth Lost - Invalid sequence" on my first attempt to connect but it can connect again. The bluetooth connection drops enough that I'm going to use the Redfly connected until that's fixed.

    The usb wired connection works better except I have to reset the phone when I disconnect. Hoping to find a work around for that. PIE works pretty well - set it to smaller font and full screen. I'm going to try Opera Mini later.

    Remote Desktop really flies on this phone and looks great as I hoped. Good thing too because on the phone itself it displays in VGA resolution on the 2.8" screen which makes me think of the movie Brazil where I would put a magnifying glass in front of it to see what I'm doing :)

    Hoping a later firmware/driver combination somehow eliminates the "My First Laptop" effect although I'm not sure how they will accomplish that.

    To Celio - Do you want us to send logs/error messages to support?

    12-19-2008 05:55 PM
  2. dsteinschneider#AC's Avatar
    Workaround for freeze on disconnect - click on phone's power button first - then disconnect
    12-19-2008 06:17 PM
  3. dsteinschneider#AC's Avatar
    I've experimented with RealVGA 1.1 and various font size changes. The Touch Pro can look good on the Redfly - it would be great if the driver could script font size or even DPI changes so when you unplug the phone reverts to stock settings.
    12-23-2008 08:31 PM