1. whippintegra's Avatar
    Hello I just got the Redfly C8 and I can not get it to connect with the redfly C8 I was able to connect it with someone elses HTC Touch Pro and upgrade the redfly to the latest firmware but it will not stay connected with my mogul (which has the latest firmware and windows 6.1) I downloaded the latest drivers but it is a no go has anyone else had this problem and how do I correct it?

    12-27-2008 09:55 PM
  2. mknollman's Avatar
    I hate to say it, but phantom problems like this tend to indicate a random clash with some other software, a wierd registry/ connection setting, or a corruption somewhere.

    First and foremost - double and triple check your drivers and setup. Uninstall all of it and then reinstall with newly DLed drivers and see if you get lucky - now the real suggestion:

    My suggestion is to make a full smartphone backup with something like SPB or Sprite and then hard reset. See if your phone connects once you make is so freah and so clean clean.

    If this works then you know it was the issue, reinstall the programs you like one by one until you stop working and you will find the culprit ( if there is one). I am guessing this is what will fix your issue (cross fingers)

    If it still doesnt work you are looking at some odd hardware problem and I would say you need a new phone for a connection to work, or you can restore from your backup and be out nothing but still have no Redfly connectivity. Annoying I know, but that would be the way I would go about it.
    12-30-2008 09:19 AM
  3. whippintegra's Avatar
    Well I did a hard reset and re installed the latest firmware from HTC and still a no go. I talked to 2 different tech support guys from the company but they have no idea sooooooo now what? Very frustrating!!
    12-30-2008 09:21 PM
  4. mknollman's Avatar
    Huh - okay just tobe clear - works with other devices (you mentioned the Omnia)? Also, what did you mean by won't stay connected - will it connect in the first place?

    You have to assume that it is a hardware issue if it works for other phones and will not work after hard reset, as you have cleaned your software. The ONLY other thing I can think of is a corruption in your rom itself. This would then come back after hard resets. If this is the case, try flashing a different rom (one made for the mogul) onto it. Look at XDA developers and search for DCD's roms - they are better than stock anyway. If this still doesnt help - either a new phone or no Redfly is all I can think of,
    12-30-2008 09:39 PM
  5. whippintegra's Avatar
    Yep it worked ok with a HTC Touch Pro.

    With my mogul it will connect for about 1 or 2 seconds and then it disconnects. I actually did not do a “hard reset” per say I downloaded the latest ROM from HTC and re installed it so basically it wiped everything off the mogul during the reinstallation.
    12-31-2008 02:25 PM
  6. whippintegra's Avatar
    Update; the original REDFLY was broken so I sent it back I just got the new one and it works brilliantly.
    01-11-2009 12:00 PM