1. starky's Avatar
    We have different Bluetooth Stack's running on WM Devices here. Is their any info in terms of base needs for Redfly?. Example do they need the Microsoft BT Stack or can other variants be used. A lot of Smartphone manufacturers these days load their own BT Stack on Devices.
    01-21-2009 06:14 AM
  2. Aware's Avatar
    I could easily be corrected, but I don't recall seeing anything specific that requires certain BT stacks.
    01-21-2009 10:12 PM
  3. ckj's Avatar
    REDFLY works with most of the common BT stacks. There are some however that don't work. For example the Motorola Symbol MC 70 and MC 75 use a custom Motorola stack. We had enough of a demand to support those devices that we wrote a new driver just for their stack. To be save, you need to make sure that the exact phone (or something very similar ie. TyTN II vs. Tilt) show up on the list of supported phones before you commit to anything.
    01-26-2009 07:51 PM