1. starky's Avatar
    Its already clear to me that the Redfly offers the ability to give more real estate for Remote Desktop to PC direct or via Web, LogMeIn and others.
    In reality how are Redfly users finding this?; not specifically the performance of the Redfly but the Smartphone itself. The Redfly real estate does make RDC a viable and usable option. I would be very interested to hear how members are using Remote here on this forum and the sort of Remote apps theyre using as there are several options. Look forward to any useful feedbacks.
    01-21-2009 11:39 AM
  2. dc_in_sf's Avatar
    It is usable. I have a virual machine sitting on my DSL line that I RDP into if I need to use a real browser when PIE won't cut it (if Opera could be made to work with the Redfly this need would diminish). Having a fast CPU does make a difference, my tilt would occasionally have problems keeping up with the screen redraws which would lead to usability problems, my diamond does better. WiFi seems to work better than 3G as well, my suspicion here is that wifi uses less cpu than 3G and hence helps avoid the screen redraw tharshing. You will want to avoid certain websites - the background picture on live.com renders really slowly in a terminal server session the first time it loads which can be annoying.
    01-21-2009 02:03 PM
  3. starky's Avatar
    great post. thanks
    01-21-2009 04:05 PM
  4. starky's Avatar
    what are the opera issues with the redfly????
    01-21-2009 07:27 PM
  5. cplush#WP's Avatar
    I dont know what he means by that...i run opera 8.65 and Opera Mini on my redfly without a hitch
    01-22-2009 07:33 AM
  6. tropicaffair's Avatar
    I am also using Opera 8.65 on my Samsung i760 and it works just fine with the Redfly. One hitch, I installed logmein earlier this week and could not actually get to my remote desktop while in Opera. I tried using PIE and logmein worked fine. My plans for usage basically are to retrieve Word & Excel files while on the road (those I forget to sync with my phone) and to run some proprietary estimating software from my laptop.
    01-22-2009 07:45 AM
  7. Aware's Avatar
    LogMeIn uses a plugin that is only compatible with pocket IE, so far as I recall.
    01-22-2009 10:12 AM
  8. Bill R's Avatar
    He's probably referring to the new version, 9.5 I think, that does not work with the Redfly.
    01-24-2009 07:47 PM
  9. mknollman's Avatar
    I use logmein to troubleshoot friend and family PC issue and have done so from the Redfly atleast 5 times now. I use it regularily to interface with my Media Center PC / Home server to schedule recording, use full browser, add new torrents for DL, and anything else I can't do from a mobile browser. Logmein has a great ability to resize your desktop, so I set it to match the Redfly (fairly closely) and it loads and refreshes well. I agree also that this is very ram / processor dependent as my Touch Pro does it better than my Mogul did.
    01-25-2009 06:48 PM
  10. ckj's Avatar
    Opera 9.5 doesn't work on the REDFLY yet, but we're close to getting it supported. For now, Opera 8.6 is the best way to go. Neither of those two browsers have anything to do with Remote Access as they run native on the phone.

    One cool thing about RDP is that you can run the full Windows version of IE7, Firefox, or whatever full screen on the REDFLY when you need full-blown, standards-based browsing. As dc_in_sf said, it works pretty well. WiFi is usually faster. The only time I see big slow downs is if you are accessing sites with a lot of video or animation content. It works, but is slower since RDP has to refresh the screen so often.

    RDP works a lot better than LogMeIn or GoToMyPC in my opinion. It's faster plus easier to get things into full screen mode to maximize the screen real estate. You can see RDP and Citrix in the video we shot last fall...

    01-26-2009 07:03 PM