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    Having looked through web site reviews and also feedbacks on this forum it appears that the Redfly remains a little too complicated to setup in a way that maximises its potential for most. Let me explain my thoughts.
    Yes for sure the ability to sit on a flight and larger screen access Email or Pocket Word and Excel with your owned Redfly is excellent. In reality a big bonus is being able to remotely access data and applications running elsewhere. There's even the scenario of not even having to own a Redfly but able to just dock with an available one within an Airport lounge whilst taking coffee or similar. Then comes the driver compatability of your Smartphone with that Redfly firmware and so on. In terms of the Remote Access to data and applications this has many likely pitfalls. Im fortunate in having access to a Windows Server and Remote capability. In reality most persons wont have this readily available or even know where to start. There needs to be hosted offerings with more connect capability for such environments built right in to the Redfly Driver and so on. Thoughts?
    01-22-2009 05:51 AM
  2. Aware's Avatar
    We've discussed the possibility of built-in remote desktop support in the RedFly in other threads here. Some like the idea (me) others are not so sure, because it requires adding to the complexity of the Redfly. The simplicity of the Redfly is one of its main selling points, from a business perspective - the simpler it is, the cheaper it is to maintain.

    Also, the Refly market is not really the consumer, but more the business customer. Business customers will, typically, have access to corporate IT support staff, and while that requires extra training for the support staff, the support costs of a Redfly ++ remote access must, IMHO, be far smaller than the cost of supporting a complete corporate laptop.

    If you are talking about the Redfly Dock, then the airport lounge device would, I suspect, have to be set up with an easy on-demand installation of drivers for users wanting to plug into the dock.
    01-22-2009 06:37 AM
  3. starky's Avatar
    I agree regarding the fun users. Apple and Iphone will take that part of the market as Windows Mobile Smartphones aren't appearing on the consumers radar where Iphones are. Iphone display will maximise things such as Pico.
    Iphone users wont want link back to corporate.
    Regarding the coffee shop terminal I agree that the setup would need to be much smarter than whats perceived as current. I agree that tool such as LogMeIn shouldnt be built in to the Redfly otherwise it becomes a Folio and that failed as it needed maintenance and this is where zero maintenance is a benefit Redfly. I do believe theres a lot more things the Redfly driver could do on the Smartphone as a driver and without the need for any hardware or software scale up on the Redfly. Agree?
    01-22-2009 06:49 AM
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    In fact let me clear my mind of current knowledge and ask if I were a public user. What would I do on my pc so that i could easily connect my redfly remote to it. Theres a million ways but i dont see any simple how to on the celio site that these users would like to follow as a guide.
    01-22-2009 06:54 AM
  5. Aware's Avatar
    Easiest way is to install the free LogMeIn driver to PC and Phone. Effortless. GoToMyPC is, I think, just as simple. Paid-for versions offer greater support. Neither of these work with non-touchscreen devices.
    01-22-2009 10:05 AM
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    Also - on the consumer use of phones, you have only cast your eye over the US market, which, in the grand scale, is small compared to the Europen market the Asian market, and the Middle East. South American market is similar to US, as is Africa (if I remember correctly). The US is most wedded to the iPhone out of all of these, because the US market has been manipulated by telephone company contract lock-in, and Apple somehow has convinced the US maket that the iPhone is "the most advanced phone on the planet".

    Other markets have more advanced devices that run S60 Symbian or Windows Mobile. Nokia sell many, many times more phones than Apple sells iPhones.
    01-22-2009 10:09 AM