02-13-2009 05:19 PM
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  1. ckj's Avatar
    No problem if you have any WM6 or WM 6.1 (not WM 5) touchscreen phone (won't work on a non-touchscreen phone like a Q9c or Blackjack II) as all the code for a Tilt, 800w, Treo Pro etc. is in each beta driver too. All of these beta driver features will make their way into a new series of drivers for all supported phones available sometime in March - but try the beta now if you want to check out the features.

    Just make sure you update the firmware on your REDFLY itself too after you install the beta driver to your 800w. You'll find the firmware file and instruction on the same page as the beta driver.

    If you don't like the beta, you can always downgrade back to the original phone driver and firmware versions.
    02-13-2009 01:35 PM
  2. anon159272's Avatar
    Thank you Colin! That's what I suspected but I figured I'd just check first. :)
    02-13-2009 03:28 PM
  3. ckj's Avatar
    The new build (93) is now posted.

    Hit http://celiocorp.com/install/beta from your PC or http://m.celiocorp.com/beta.asp right from your phone.

    If you want to install the beta on a currently supported touchscreen phone such as the Tilt, 800w, Treo Pro, etc. (make sure your phone has a touchscreen running WM 6 or 6.1), download any of the drivers listed on that beta page for touchscreen WM 6 or WM 6.1 phones (like the driver for the Fuze will do).

    Make sure to also download the Firmware update file and follow the directions to update your REDFLY too.
    02-13-2009 05:19 PM
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