1. starky's Avatar
    Some of the legacy PDA's we have dont have WiFi nor Ethernet Connectivity. Of course we can look at connecting CF or SD capability to the PDA's. Has anyone explored a WiFi or Ethernet Connection in to the RedFly via USB that the PDA could then use as its gateway?. This wouldn't then need clusmy additions to the PDA's especially big old CF Slot.
    01-25-2009 08:40 AM
  2. Aware's Avatar
    Are these legacy PDAs using versions of Win Mobile older than Win Mo 5? If so, there's no driver for them right now anyway ...

    But you should be able to connect the PDA to the Redfly using the USB/dock cable for the PDA.
    01-25-2009 09:38 AM
  3. starky's Avatar
    i think i didnt spell it out too clearly; sorry.
    assume wm5 pdas with no wifi or phone capability.
    want to see if web connection can be done via a connection to the redfly that the pda then sees for its connection to web/email and so on
    01-25-2009 10:26 AM
  4. starky's Avatar
    somehow connect ethernet to usb in redfly
    01-25-2009 10:27 AM
  5. wodin's Avatar
    Interesting concept! I wonder if I could get G4 connectivity on my phone via WIMAX? Hmmmm, I think I need to check if ClearWire has a WINMO driver for their USB modems.
    01-25-2009 01:53 PM
  6. Tiredone's Avatar
    Has anyone ever looked at this? Any idea how much?

    01-25-2009 04:00 PM
  7. ckj's Avatar
    There's nothing in the REDFLY right now that would let you plug in a USB networking device then share with a PDA. Very interesting concept though. The Clarinet EtherUSB box looks pretty cool. It may, in theory work, but you'd have to connect the phone to the REDFLY over Bluetooth since you'd need the USB connection go the EtherUSB. At that point, you've lost all portability so may not appeal to anyone really.
    01-26-2009 07:18 PM