1. josswest27#WP's Avatar
    I am an avid WinMo user, and I'm very interested in the Redfly; however, I'm not sure which is a better buy and I was wondering: What do you users think?
    01-28-2009 03:26 AM
  2. cplush#WP's Avatar
    i have the C8N and that is the one i would recommend. The screen is 8 inches and that is still pretty small. the 8 hr battery life on the C8N is also handy as is the media port. But the C7 has a lower price which is its selling point.
    01-28-2009 06:34 AM
  3. starky's Avatar
    depends if you see value in bringing video inboard or not
    01-28-2009 07:37 AM
  4. cplush#WP's Avatar
    and longer battery life and a larger screen, for me the screen and battery life were the deciding factors, the video in was a bonus :)
    01-28-2009 07:59 AM
  5. starky's Avatar
    i agree. video is the nice to have whereas the others key decision points. if looking primarily for video display to bigger screen then redfly probarbly not the right device.
    01-28-2009 10:44 AM
  6. josswest27#WP's Avatar
    Thanks for the info guys, I must say it has helped with my ridiculously benign decision. It seems as if the c8/c8n are the models that everyone's using' however, I could be wrong but I just don't seem to hear much about the C7. The great debate comes down to the differences of an inch of a larger screen, a longer/larger battery, and video input port.
    01-28-2009 01:09 PM
  7. josswest27#WP's Avatar
    I'm about to flip a quater to decide....
    01-28-2009 01:13 PM
  8. cplush#WP's Avatar
    also depends on how much you want to spend, if it doesnt matter go with the C8N due to the extra features..
    01-28-2009 01:24 PM
  9. starky's Avatar
    Its only money!. Go for the c8n then youve got all the stuff.
    01-28-2009 01:26 PM
  10. c1oudrs's Avatar
    c8n--if there was a better redfly out there (higher end still). I'd say go with that. Get the best redfly out there.
    02-06-2009 07:52 AM
  11. c1oudrs's Avatar
    right now its the c8n,
    02-06-2009 07:53 AM
  12. mknollman's Avatar
    Screen size alone calls for the c8n - if the c8 was still available I'd send you there due to price (got mine for 200 and free shipping), but now the c8n is the winner. Sometimes even 8 inches of screen seems on the small side. I cant imagine dealing with 7.
    02-06-2009 07:13 PM
  13. Aware's Avatar
    You only think no one is using the C7 becuase that one is the 'old one that us aged users have ;-)

    Personally, I don't see much to get het up about over 1 inch more in screen diagonal, since the number of pixels is unchanged ... but I've not been hit with middle-aged eyesight yet ;-) For me, battery life is probably the most significant feature about the higher end RedFly. 8 hours+ makes your your decision the right one :-)
    02-07-2009 10:49 AM
  14. mknollman's Avatar
    Aware, I am not one to flame so please take no offense. I think you misunderstand the models. The c8 is the original Redfly. It has the 8 inch screen and the full battery life (8hrs+). It was D/C at the onset of the c7 and c8n.

    The c7 has smaller screen and is quoted at LESS battery life (5-6hrs) and slightly lower weight. The c8n has the same battery and screen as the original c8 but has an added media port. If you are running the "old one", then you are running the c8. It cost 200 when it finally bottomed out price-wise "on sale". The new c7 is the lower price point(179-199). The c8n runs 299.

    I recommend (unless video is a must and you have a separate player or a winmo phone with video out) that the c8 is still the best buy if you can locate one (ebay). If not, the extra battery life, screen size, and media port are well worth the extra 100-120 if you can swing it. That is this lowly geek's humble opinion.
    02-07-2009 08:47 PM
  15. mknollman's Avatar
    PS - I will add to the above - again of you can swing it - support Celio and buy new. I want them to be around a while.
    02-07-2009 08:49 PM
  16. Aware's Avatar
    Yeah - that's not the first time I got the models mixed up. Thanks for setting me straight.
    02-07-2009 11:08 PM
  17. c1oudrs's Avatar
    I've got the c8 and I'd pay ninety-nine more for the c8n plus my c8 to get a c8n. Lets face it. You will either like the Redfly or you won't like the Redfly. The c8n is going to give you the best user experience if you like it because of the battery life and video. If you don't like the Redfly, then the c8 or c8n will arguably be easier to resell on the consumer oriented market and the business market wouldn't be real interested in one unit . . .

    Get the c8n or maybe the c8 if you can pick one up at a really good deal. Heck, I saw that one guy reported he bought a c8 for $185 and Id seriously consider selling mine for that and buying upgrading to a c8n . . . Get the c8n :)
    02-08-2009 12:21 AM
  18. c1oudrs's Avatar
    Don't get the c7.
    02-08-2009 12:23 AM
  19. josswest27#WP's Avatar
    thanks for the info guys! i hope that celio sticks around and keeps us all updated with the new stuff.. I have a touch pro, and all I have is a beta version of redfly to run...
    02-11-2009 02:37 PM
  20. drowe's Avatar
    Try contacting Celio sales, they had a few C8 units in stock they were willing to let go at a REALLY good price. I don't have any need for the video in so it was an easy choice for me.
    02-12-2009 06:03 AM